Let’s Sew Together! A Simple Project the Whole Family Can Make

Celebrate Special Occasions with Handmade Love

Special occasions don’t require elaborate parties or fancy gifts.

For our birthday parties we typically have smaller celebrations. We like to go all out for our baby’s first birthday, but after that we’re pretty low-key and do what we feel best suits the personality of the birthday girl. Or if she has a special request, we try to make that happen within reason.

Naturally, birthdays aren’t the only days to celebrate. In fact, every day should be acknowledged. Gifts can be given “just because,” and garlands can be stitched together to make a bedroom or backyard look pretty.

Part of the joy of life is finding the beauty in everyday moments.

Most kids love to decorate, so get them involved, too. Every birthday, our two oldest girls love making hand-drawn banners and pictures. They go crazy making signs! It might not match the decor I had in mind, but they created it, and when we put it up, they’re so proud to see their handmade decorations.

Even tiny hands can help assemble simple garlands like this no-sew bunting, which would look adorable at an outdoor party – or even to decorate your sewing studio, like I did!

No-Sew Bunting: Instructions and Template

1. Simply cut out a stack of pieces from various fabrics following the template.

2. Then arrange the pieces into your preferred order.

3. Knot each arm piece together for the desired length of the garland.

download the No-Sew Bunting template

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