Listen While You Run: Audiobook Pick for the Fall Season

Marathon season is in full swing and many people are at the end of the road with their training. From here on out, the mental strength becomes more important than the physical. If you are training to run this fall or know someone who is, Don’t Tell Me You’re Afraid is worth a listen. It’s an inspiring story about how a young girl in Somalia uses running to help her through increasing political and economic turmoil, giving her the motivation and desire to make her country better.

At age eight, running for Samia is serious. She quickly realizes she has talent and with the help of her best friend, Ali, her “professional coach,” she wins several local races and her goals escalate. She wants to become the first Somali woman to run in the Olympics—and win. As the distress in her country increases and it becomes more dangerous for her to even train, her desire grows. She continues to push herself, even when it’s not safe for her to step out of her own home. With the help of a newspaper clipping about her Somali idol Mo Farah, she’s motivated to get to the Olympics. She wants to win for herself, for her family, and for her country. She believes that winning would bring change to how women and her people in Somalia are treated.

This is the perfect story to get you through miles 18, 19, 20… When it’s no longer about physical endurance, it’s about the mind game. Don’t Tell Me You’re Afraid shines a light on the distress in other areas of the world and how a young girl uses running to give her the strength to make a difference.


Don’t Tell Me You’re Afraid
Author: Giuseppe Catozzella
Read By: Adjoa Andoh
Based on a remarkable true story, an unforgettable Somali girl risks her life on the migrant journey to Europe to run in the Olympic Games.

 Listen to a clip here:


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