How to Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to looking expensive, skip the designer labels and go back to the basics.

You know this kind of woman when you see her, the woman who still looks perfectly polished even when she’s just grabbing coffee in a t-shirt and leggings. She’s not overdone; she didn’t put on a pound of makeup when she got out of bed, yet she’s glowing and well put together. While you may not be able to put your finger on what makes her so unique, this ever-polished woman has a simple formula: she emphasizes the basics of self-care and makes them a practice in her daily life. Here are some simple ways any woman can look effortlessly expensive, without breaking the bank.

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A Good Glow

Dull, blotchy skin at any age can diminish your confidence, so if the skin you’re in isn’t allowing you to hold your head up high, get some help from the skin care aisle at your local drugstore. It’s not about purchasing false eyelashes, a contour kit, or lipstick. It’s about achieving a healthy look. Try exfoliating and using a spray tan or a quality tinted moisturizer and daily SPF to achieve that healthy glow so you can walk out the door, head held high with confidence.


When it Comes to Looking Expensive, Skip the Designer Labels and Go Back to the Basics


Clean White Teeth

A clean, bright smile can brighten your whole appearance. Professional whitening, which can reverse years of stains in one sitting, is a lovely option if you have up to $1,000 to spend. For the rest of us, there are tons of incredibly effective options available at bargain drugstore prices. But first, you should start with the way you brush. Brush attentively for the full 2 minutes or more, and never skip flossing. As for choosing a whitening kit, it’s about what works for you. Crest Whitestrips are a good option, so are Arm & Hammer brand whitening boosters. Rule of thumb, never go whiter than the whites of your eyes, or risk looking crazy unnatural (which then cheapens your look!).



Well-Groomed Brows

Overplucking, not plucking at all, and a bad fill job with the wrong pencil color can make your eyebrows “off fleek.” Your brows shouldn’t be drawing attention to themselves, but to the eyes they frame. The key to great eyebrows is to follow your natural brow line. It will guide you to your most flattering arch. When filling in brows, avoid going too dark or too thick. You’ll risk looking like an angry bird. Staying as natural as possible and highlighting your eyes with your brows by following your natural bone structure is the fail-safe way to go when working to put your best brow forward.



Neat Classic Nails

An expensive looking nail is all about shape, color, and good maintenance. Almond shape is the sleek and elegant way to achieve a classic expensive look, as is the rounded-square (because a full square looks not only unnatural but harsh as it grows out). If you crack, chip or break a nail, as devastating as it may be to lose length, you must file or cut all your remaining nails to the same length. As for color choices, it’s all about keeping it tonal and classic (no neons or glitter polishes because they are too trendy and childish). Not to take the fun out of nail art, but the idea is to keep color choices classic. Stick to jewel tones, a range of cool to warm reds, and nudes in light pinks and chiffons.

Note: Keeping your hands moisturized immediately elevates their appearance, and softens their touch.


For more tips and tricks, check out How to Look Expensive by esteemed beauty editor, Andrea Pomerantz Lustig.





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