Martha Stewart’s American Food: Grilled Chicken with Spicy Peach Glaze

Surprise your Fourth of July guests with this spicy, peachy take on a summer favorite from Martha’s American Food: A Celebration of Our Nation’s Most Treasured Dishes, from Coast to Coast. The beautiful book showcases 200 of Stewart’s favorite dishes from around the country and tells the stories behind them.


1   cup peach preserves or jam
1   large garlic clove, minced
2   tablespoons extra- virgin olive oil
1   tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon soy sauce
1   tablespoon dry mustard powder
½   teaspoon cayenne
Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
Vegetable oil, for grill
4   skin-on bone-in chicken breasts (about 5 pounds), split into halves
4   ripe but firm peaches, halved and pitted

1. Heat grill to medium. (If you are using a charcoal grill, the coals are ready when you can hold your hand 4 inches above the grates for just 4 to 5 seconds.) In a medium bowl, combine peach preserves, garlic, olive oil, soy sauce, dry mustard, and cayenne; season with salt and pepper and mix well to combine.

2. When grill is hot, brush grates with vegetable oil. Rinse chicken breasts and pat dry with paper towels. Season with salt and pepper and place, skin side down, on the grill. Cook about 10 minutes on each side before brushing top with some glaze. Continue cooking another 10 to 12 minutes, turning chicken every 3 to 5 minutes and brushing top with glaze, until chicken is cooked through. (Move the chicken to a cooler part of grill if it gets too dark before it is cooked through.) Transfer chicken to a platter.

3. While chicken is cooking, place peach halves on the grill, cut side down, and cook 2 minutes. Turn, and brush the tops with glaze. Grill 3 to 4 minutes more, until the peaches are soft and the cavities fill with juices. Transfer peaches to platter and serve.



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