Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts: Easter Egg Decorating

PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kits. I remember them so vividly: green cardboard boxes emblazoned with everyone’s favorite Easter friends – the bunny and the duck, which submerged a seemingly consenting egg in a dye-filled tree stump.

In my home, the arrival of the PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kits was the first sign that spring was near.

Inside the kits were all the essentials required to create glorious Easter eggs—dye tablets, stickers, and a cardboard drying tray—or so I believed until I encountered Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts.

But something that I quickly realized upon opening this book was that there was a whole world of crafts that I had never even imagined—including several Easter egg dying techniques that blew my green cardboard PAAS kit out of the water.

For example, you can create stripes, plaids, dots, and other playful patterns on your Easter eggs by adhering common supplies such as tape or stickers to eggs before dyeing. To marbleize eggs, simply add oil to traditional dye.

And who knew you could heat-emboss eggs?! My 5-year-old self certainly didn’t!

When it comes to holiday crafts, Martha Stewart has proven herself the expert. Although I will continue to cling to my PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kits, from now on, I plan to incorporate rubber bands, stickers, and oil, to produce eggs that would make Martha proud.

Are you planning on decorating eggs this Easter? If so, we’d like to see them! Submit your favorite dyed, glittered, and painted eggs to the CrafterNews Egg Decorating Contest for a chance to win fabulous Martha Stewart prizes.

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