How to Master your Dentist Appointment

After receiving the “keep on doing what you are doing” compliment year after year, my dentist announced, “We need to replace one of your fillings”. The first thing I picture is a humungous needle hovering over my face. Maybe I should mention that it has been 25 years, since I got my last filling. As a holistic counselor, I provide my clients with the tools to address issues that they have been avoiding. This process is called “resourcing”. In preparation for my dentist appointment, I decided to test some of these tools. Here’s a list of the 7 most effective:


1) On the day of your visit, prepare yourself with a nourishing breakfast. It may take hours before you can eat again.


2) Skip the coffee, as it will only increase your adrenaline and make you more alert to sensations. You want to be as relaxed as possible.


3) Skip the sugar. It causes high and low spikes (not ideal while sitting in the dentist’s chair).


4) If possible exercise before you see the dentist. Working out moves energy through your body, making you feel more grounded. This lessens the mental chatter and decreases anxiety.


5) Bring something you can hold onto. I had a mala that was around my hand. A squeeze ball also works. Having something in your hand is relaxing and releases nervousness.


6) Request that the TV be turned off, or changed to relaxing music. TV is a stimulant, often filled with negative news and violence, none of which supports relaxation.


7) After the visit, give yourself time to wind down. I took a walk through Central Park, which was very soothing.


These tools have helped me. Let me know if they have helped you.


Kerstin Hecker is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is the founder of IndigoMuse Health Coaching where her personal blend of healing techniques are helping people take charge of their emotional and physical wellbeing. She is a certified Holistic Counselor accredited by S.I.A.F. and obtained the Working with People™ certification. She has studied and worked with Life Mastery (Tony Robbins), Attachment Theory and Trauma Resolution (Diane Poole Heller), Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Healing (Peter Levine), Bioenergetics, Core Energetics, NLP, Family Constellation, Enneagram and Primal Therapy. Visit her at

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