Go to It! Meditate on Your Goals

How are you doing on your resolutions? If you’ve found yourself slipping a little, try this restful meditation from Erin Taylor that will help you keep your eyes on the prize.

By now we’re guessing that your sights are set on some new health or fitness goals — intentions — for the new year. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not, we’re all “training” for something or working to achieve some goal or objective. That clear sense of purpose helps propel us forward, and it’s important to remember that if we don’t know what we’re aiming for, we’ll never arrive. Whether you hope to avoid injuries, limber up, shrink your muffin top or just enjoy a new way to cross train, clarifying your intention is energizing and will help to magnetize whatever result you hope to achieve.

If nothing comes to mind right away, that’s okay — let your yoga mat be a space where there’s no noise and no limitations. Life is so busy and fast that it’s easy to loose sight of what’s really important. By pausing and embracing the present you can hit reset, gain clarity about what your intentions really are and cultivate the confidence to manifest!

Go to It! Optimize Your Intention Meditation
Use this technique to begin your day with a clear sense of purpose or to mentally reset anytime you feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Practice as often as you can to support yourself and your big dreams for 2013!

  • Sit comfortably — cross-legged, knees bent/sitting on your calves, or legs straight out in front of you. If it’s tough to sit up, or if your low back feels achy right away, just sit with your back against a wall, or even in a chair.
  • Rest your palms face down on your thighs and close your eyes.
  • Breath deeply (nice and simple!).
  • Once your breath feels steady, begin to focus on your goal — if a few things come to mind try to just focus on one specific thing.
  • Once you have that clear goal in your mind, shift your focus away from the goal itself, considering instead how achieving that goal would make you feel. How would you feel different? Would you be more confident? Feel more fulfilled?
  • Focus not on the goal itself, but on the resulting feelings, and notice the sensations in your body.
  • Sit with that until the feeling is clear and realistic.
  • Now refocus on the goal and see it from the perspective of someone who has already accomplished it.
  • Then open your eyes and carry that confidence — that belief in your ability to manifest that goal — with you, as if you have already done it.

If the feeling you seek is elusive, no big deal. The more you practice and the more you begin to believe in your ability to achieve your goal, the more readily you’ll be able to access that feeling. Be patient with yourself — stay with it!

For more information about Erin Taylor, visit jasyoga.com.

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