Deepak Chopra’s Daughter Mallika on Living with Intent

While I fully believe that intention is a powerful tool for personal change, I also know from those in our community and my own experience that putting the concept into practice can feel confusing. Is there a way to make it clearer and simpler? I start playing with some of the core concepts to see if I can come up with a sort of road map for fulfilling intents. Eventually I hit upon six strategies that can help us all find our way forward, INTENT: Incubate, Notice, Trust, Express, Nurture, and Take Action.

Addicted to Selfies? Here’s Your Antidote.

I admit, I’m a bit puzzled by “selfies." Isn't life complicated enough? We’re parents, children, employees, bosses, lovers, loners, counselors, seekers. Sometimes the sheer complexity of switching between all the different roles we play throughout the day becomes overwhelming and we find ourselves momentarily confused, genuinely wondering, “Who am I?”

Hang It Up! Quick Visualization Exercises

Some people do seem to “wake up” right away: A single bop on the head, a whispered word from a master, an angelic or otherwise otherworldly visitation—and hey presto!—the inner light goes on, the true nature of reality becomes manifest, and suffering bites the dust. I am not one of those people.