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My One-Day Cleanse: An Experiment in Juicing and Willpower

A few months ago, I impulsively bought a voucher for a one-day juice cleanse. “I like juice,” I figured, “why not try a cleanse? It’s only one day.  I can do that.” This all sounded like a good idea at the time, but I think my brain blocked a particular memory of attempting a cleanse (It was the Master Cleanse, which is a little more intense than a juice cleanse. All you can drink is a concoction of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup) a few years ago. On the Master Cleanse, I lasted a grand total of 2 days out of the recommended 10, and came home to find my roommate, who was cleansing with me, trying to sneak an Italian sub on day one.

This time around, I thought, I would be more likely to stick with it, since it’s only a day and not a completely overwhelming week and a half. I bought the voucher, and waited until the last possible day to redeem it. Following in Camille’s footsteps with her day-by-day account of her 30-Day Vegan challenge, here is my report on my experiment with juicing, or as I like to call it, “a day without solid food.”

9:48 am—I just finished by first juice, called “Field of Greens.” It was a green juice which I really like, and didn’t taste exclusively like salad like some other green juices I’ve had. I think I tasted some lemon in it! It’s a good thing I liked it, because I have 2 more green juices to go today. Even after finishing it, I’m still hungry, and can’t stop thinking about perfectly toasted bagels with vegetable cream cheese, scrambled eggs and toast, berries and yogurt and granola, and waffles with strawbe….wait, I must snap out of this!

9:53 am—A friend posts pictures on Facebook of an amazing looking arugula pizza. Now I want pizza! When will this end?

11:30 am—I think it’s time for my second juice, a kind of pre-lunch snack. This one is beet and fruity—it’s sweet but not overly so, which I like.

11:52am—Still sipping the beet juice. It takes a while to finish these!

2:42pm—A meeting ran over and I am so hungry! I open my third juice, another green one. It’s very refreshing and in a weird way, it’s exactly what I want.

4:30 pm—Actually looking forward to my next green juice…

5:16pm—It’s a co-workers birthday in the office and everyone else is eating delicious looking red velvet brownies, chips and snacks. I’m drinking my green juice. I feel like it shows remarkable will-power, but I can’t pretend that I wouldn’t gladly eat a brownie or two. But I don’t, I resist, and one thought keeps me going: this is my last green juice of the day!

7:04pm–I’m drinking my dinner tonight: a Lemon Zinger. I actually prefer the green juice over the lemon, but it’s pretty good.

8:43pm–Hunger strikes again, but instead of giving into my craving for everything in my kitchen, I turn to my last juice, a Brazil Nut blend. It’s surprisingly filling and satisfying, especially after the previous lemon zinger.

And that’s it! I’m done with my first juice cleanse and feel great. I think I would do another 1-day or even 3-day cleanse in the future. But right now, I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow!

Have you ever tried cleansing? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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