National Popcorn Day and Other Holidays You’re Probably Not Celebrating

The more traditional holidays may have come and gone in December, but winter is just getting started. Between the cold, the snow, the dry hands and coughs, it can be one of the more miserable time of the year.To get you though the month of January with a smile on your face, we’ve compiled a list of the wackiest holidays you’re probably NOT celebrating (but there’s no reason not to!):

January 3rdThe Festival of Sleep Day was a few days ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate belatedly! get your full 8-hours in tonight for a more rested you. Sleeping well and enough has numerous health benefits, so in this case, celebration can be good for you!

January 8th–We at BBL are always ones to extol the benefits of relaxation, so you’ll definitely find us in the tub on  Bubble Bath Day. Take some time for YOU on Sunday and relax with a warm bath, scented soaps and your favorite music. Onced you’re relaxed, it’ll be easy for you to prepare for the week ahead.

January 19th–Dr. Janet Brill, one of our experts, is always reminding us how good popcorn can be for you, so we’re very excited for National Popcorn Day! Skip the big bucket of fake-butter-covered popcorn at the movie theater and aim for something a little healthier that you pop yourself on the stove. Dr. Brill has some great ideas here for making your popcorn healthy and delicious.

January 21st–Remember to spread the love on National Hugging Day. Take some time to let your friends and family know just how much they mean to you by giving them a hug. It’s an easy way to celebrate a national holiday!

January 28th–We’re already looking forward to Fun at Work Day at the BBL office. Take this opportunity to make your work day more exciting for you and your colleagues–go out for lunch, bring in some baked goods to share or take an extra long coffee break. And don’t worry about having too much fun–being happy can make you more productive.


What fun holidays do you celebrate?

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