Get a Natural Glow with Superfood Skincare


We’ve given you homemade beauty tips before, including at-home recipes for a peaches-and-cream face mask and a floral healing facial. We’ve even shown you how to create your own beauty ritual.

Now we’re sharing the big beauty buzz of 2016: superfood skincare. You’re used to blending these superfoods in your smoothies … now try them on your face, too.

We’re talking raw ingredients. Nothing crazy. These are all common items you may already have in your kitchen, and they’re super easy to use. Easy as in mix ’em up, apply, and rinse!


Full of vitamins A, B6, and C. 93% water. Watermelon can help soothe sunburned, irritated skin. For a refreshing toner, apply fresh juice to skin with a cotton ball and rinse after 10 minutes.


Natural humectant. Raw honey brings moisture to the skin. Acts as a nice base to mix with other ingredients. For a gentle mask, apply a thin layer of honey and rinse after 15 minutes.


Rich in antioxidants. Turmeric reduces inflammation and redness. To help clear acne, mix 1 tablespoon honey or yogurt with a small pinch of turmeric – the “super skincare spice” – and apply to spots.


Contains lactic acid and enzymes. Yogurt can gently remove dead skin cells and cleanse the skin. For a refreshing mask, mix 1 tablespoon plain yogurt with 1 teaspoon fresh watermelon juice. Apply liberally and rinse after 10 minutes.


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado can help hydrate dry, flaky skin. For a moisturizing mask, mash fresh avocado, gently rub paste into skin, and rinse after 15 minutes.

Once you’re done toning and moisturizing and cleansing with superfoods, check out our 5 Ways to Detox Your Face and 5 More Ways to Detox Your Face.


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