Finding Rest for a Restless Mind

Face what’s really keeping you up at night.

As we get older, the stresses and complications of life tend to grow and infiltrate our minds so deeply, that even when we’ve taken measures to sit down and relax, our minds continue to foster tension, worry, and a sense of helplessness long after we wish to let them go.

After a stressful day, it can be difficult to truly shut off our minds in preparation for a restful sleep. This problem is something I know all too well. The end of the day comes, dinner has been served and cleaned up, bath and story time have come and gone, and everyone is winding down for bed. As a mother and wife, I am always the last one to slip into my pajamas.

Perhaps it’s because I enjoy the solace of a quiet household that I begin looking for little jobs to do like fluffing the throw pillows or making sure the toys are returned to their hideaways. It gives me a sense of control and kills a bit more time before I head off to bed. To be honest, no matter how physically tired I am, bedtime isn’t always a welcoming idea for me. Long gone are the days of resting my mind and my head on the pillow to drift off, on command, into a restful sleep. I know there are many of you out there who suffer from the same kind of insomnia.

But instead of pulling out your iPhones or thumbing through old Instagram posts when faced with yet another tense and sleepless night, try putting that time to good use. Turn on your reading light, grab a pen and explore The Nocturnal Journal, a new journal by Lee Crutchley, that caters to the sufferers of routine sleeplessness.

Exercises like writing down your important thoughts, or making a list of the times you felt most rejected, are not only tactics for focusing and calming your mind, but they also help shed some of the weight you carry to bed with you each night.

Write a letter of forgiveness to a person who has deeply hurt you and allow it to create a cathartic release from any resentful feelings or insecurities. Write a letter to someone you’ve lost and say everything you didn’t get to say. One by one, peel back and release each layer of thought that prevents you from feeling at peace and watch your evenings go from agonizing hours of sleepless torture to a nightly, therapeutic progression towards a calmer mind.

Instead of worrying and sacrificing sleep, use those nightly hours to open your mind. Nightly writing in The Nocturnal Journal will refocus your thoughts and bring forth a sense of personal calm that allows you to release worry, fine-tune personal desires with a goal to rest well before bedtime.






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