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Laughing Out Loud: Our Top 10 Favorite Mindy Kaling Tweets

Hear what one of Television's best young stars has to say on family, healthy eating, relationships and more.

It’s no secret: We love Mindy Kaling around here. From her role on The Office as Kelly Kupoor, to her laugh-so-hard-til-you-cry twitter feed, to her latest book, Why Not Me?, there is nothing Mindy that we don’t love. One of the reasons we love Mindy so much is her amazing attitude–she deals with everything with style, confidence and, yes, copious amounts of humor. She’s self-assured, sassy and smart and if I knew her personally, I’d like to imagine we’d be best friends. All around, she’s an awesome role-model and an inspiration for so many girls today.

From musings on healthy eating to growing old and parenting to redecorating, Mindy’s perspective on life is positive, refreshing and funny. Plus, we can all relate to these situations, though maybe not the one about the Emmys….


Anyway, take a little time to laugh today and read our top 10 Mindy tweets:






















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