Pegan is the New Paleo


This hybrid is getting more popular as we learn to eat healthy – with less gluten, meat, dairy, and sugar in our diet.

You probably know that the paleo diet (short for ‘Paleolithic’) is basically the caveman diet. The idea is to eat only food that was available way back in our hunter-gatherer days: i.e., nuts, roots, fruits, vegetables, and meat. Say goodbye to grains, dairy, sugar, salt, coffee, alcohol, vegetable oil, and anything processed.

Veganism is sometimes confused with vegetarianism. Generally, vegans remove all animal-derived foods from their diet – meat, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs. The strictest vegans shun honey, leather, and any other animal-based products. If you’ve tried veganism, you know the most challenging part is adding balanced proteins to your diet.

That’s where pegan comes in.

The pegan diet gives you more flexibility, especially when it comes to protein and grains. Here’s a very quick overview, just so you know the basics.

• Use meat as a condiment.
• Eat beans, but only half a cup a day.
• Avoid dairy and gluten.
• Limit sugar.
• Choose grains with a low glycemic load, like quinoa, oats and wild rice.
• Focus on nuts and seeds.
• Eat mostly plants.

The benefits of a pegan diet can include reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, boosted metabolism, weight loss and management, and lowered cholesterol.

The best part? The pegan diet gives you a perfect balance of rules and flexibility to help you design a healthy diet that’s truly sustainable.

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Explore eating paleo and vegan with the books below and design your perfect pegan diet!

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