The Perfect Gift for Your BFF

“She’s who you call when you have good news. She’s your first-choice Sunday brunch date. She’s up for reliving what you wore to the seventh-grade dance. She’s there when no one else is. She’s your bestie.”

This book is so sweet. Besties by Leah Reena Goren captures the little moments that make the best friendship special. The illustrations are bold and quirky, and the message is loving and true.

My 14-year-old stepdaughter loved it, sitting on her bed with her bestie, looking through it and laughing, joking about trips to the mall and how they’ll stay best friends even when they go away to college. My 28-year-old niece loved it, especially the part about the guys who’ve been given the boot by her friend over the years—The Man Bun, Fish Lips, Sargent BO.

When it comes to our BFF, we all have our own stories, special events, inside jokes, and memories. Besties is about Goren’s relationship over the years with her best friend, but the stories will make you smile and think of your own bestie.

• Maybe you’ve grown up together–from late-night chats during sleepovers to taking aerial yoga classes.

• Maybe you know better than anyone how to read your bestie’s expressions–from “first-bite-of-ice-cream bliss” to “a wrath of fury about to be unleashed.”

• Maybe your BFF has lifted you out of a sad time, forcing you to go outside to see “that the world was still there … I was still me. And we were still us.”

Besties will inspire you to think about all the reasons you love your BFF. It’s a gift, a thank-you note, and a love letter all in one.


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