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It is Career Month at BBL, and we know that finding a job can be tough! That’s why we have collected some important advice from Richard Bolles, a career guide guru. 

Bob Dylan once said, “Times they are a changing,” and, boy, was he right! With today’s new technology, finding a job is both easier and more difficult than it was 50-years-ago. On the one hand, you have access to many more jobs since they are all posted online; but on the other hand, more people than ever are applying to those jobs, which increases your competition. This basic fact and the fact that we are in a downturned economy has made finding a job—especially one you like—increasingly rare.

Richard Bolles, author internationally acclaimed book, What Color is Your Parachute advises that you strip titles off what is that you want to do; and instead, take a look at your skill-set and see where they can be applied. Many people put get caught in a narrow search, when really there are hundreds of places that yours skills could be useful.

Follow these three steps that Bolles outlines, and you will be on your way to finding a fulfilling career.

1.)What are your favorite skills, talents, gifts (not just the ones you do the best, but the ones you love the most)?

2.) Where would you most like to use your favorites skills: in what field, in what geography, in what size company, in what working environment, and with what kinds of people?

3.) How do you find the title(s) of such jobs? What companies or places in your preferred geographic location have such jobs, and who in each company or place has the power to hire you?


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