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Q&A with Carolyne Roehm: At Home in the Garden

We sat down with lifestyle legend Carolyne Roehm whose latest book, At Home in the Garden, came out this fall, to talk about how gardening and flowers have such an important and positive impact on her life. Nature and the beauty that comes with it (in all seasons!) can bring so much joy to our lives and that really comes through in her book. Read on for inspiration, tips, and more.


Gardening and flowers are such a big part of your life. Can you tell us what you love so much and what initially made you gravitate towards them?
My love of gardening started with my maternal grandmother – I used to spend hours in her Missouri vegetable and flower garden. I suppose this was the initial reason for me gravitating to them, but it seemed that seeing the beauty in flowers was innate to me, and that transposed itself into my early recognition that I wanted to work in the world of beauty – the arts, clothing and design.

How does gardening impact and improve your life?
I’ve always had this affinity to the earth, and I need to stay close to nature. I feel a very strongly that there is a positive thing that connects in our system when we are involved with nature.

For those who are interested in gardening and adding flowers to their home, what top two tips would you give?
Giving consideration to the climate one lives in – I think the most important thing is to consider color – I gravitate to things that will compliment the things in my home…..and secondly, fragrance, and how your cut flowers can scent the home.

The photography in At Home in the Garden is absolutely stunning – how long did it take you to curate all of the pictures?
I took the photos over a 5 year time period. In terms of work it is the most time consuming book I’ve done – I had 40,000 photographs, so curating took at least 2 years.

What do you hope readers take away from your book?
I hope they are inspired. Inspired to get involved in some element of gardening, or just encouraged to follow a passion, whatever it is. Or just to sit with the book, and find a moment of quiet in our over stimulated world.

What was your favorite part of creating this book?
I think when I first realized the opportunity to really tell my personal journey through the evolution of my interaction with flowers and gardens. From first designing the garden, selecting and purchasing plants and bulbs, planting, picking and arranging, and now painting the final product.


Photos from At Home in the Garden:





Images reprinted from At Home in the Garden. Published by Harmony Books. Photography by Carolyne Roehm.

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