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What Element Are You? Take The Five Elements Quiz

The system of the Five Elements grew out of a 5,000-year-old Asian medical system. Chinese physicians believed that the universe is composed of forces that include water, wood, fire, earth, and metal—the five elements. They proposed that if we understand these elements, we can use them to stay in balance physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally—and learn more about ourselves and others in the process.

So which element are you?  Read through the brief descriptions of each personality-type below, then take the 5 Elements Personality-Type Quiz to find out! Share your results in the comments.

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the five elements

The Water Personality Type: The Philosopher

Waters walk slowly through the rain. Waters take their time. The word “hurry” is not in their vocabulary, and this plays out in the way they speak, walk, act, react, and live—they take in everything around them.

Waters have brilliant and creative ideas, but putting those ideas into action is tougher for a Water.


The Five Elements

The Wood Personality Type: The Pioneer

Woods are fearless and natural leaders. They see the bigger picture, find solutions, seek out the best in things, and make changes. They are strong, sturdy, stable, logical, bold, independent, and unapologetic. They are also very fair-minded, and nothing upsets them more than injustices.

Woods exude confidence and don’t let much stand in their way. If they can imagine it, it can be done. Woods know they are right, which acts as fuel for their strong drive but doesn’t always bode well for their personal relationships.


The five elements

The Fire Personality Type: The Wizard

Fires enter every situation with a huge smile. There is an uplifting, lively rhythm to their energy.

Fires can pull other elements out of darkness and boredom. Pleasure, fun, and anything that feels good are where they gravitate. However, Fires often abandon scenarios that lack excitement and passion. They are highly loyal until something doesn’t feel good anymore.



The Earth Personality Type: The Preschool Teacher

Earths are the world’s angels of caring. Earths almost always have children, but if they don’t they will pour their love into animals or teaching children. Their nurturing nature comes from deep within the heart and shows itself through generosity.

Change can be very difficult for Earths. They also don’t want anyone to feel bad or dislike them, so they avoid that outcome as much as possible. Uncomfortable with risks, they tend to walk on eggshells and only say what they think people want to hear.


The Five Elements

The Metal Personality Type: The Alchemist

The Metal person is a master at meeting life where it is at and rising above it.

Metals are spiritual seekers often looking to the next guru or mind-body-spirit path. Because the Metal person is often seeking a higher path of spiritual existence, they may subtly end their relationship with you without notice or conflict. It can feel cold and detached, but for the Metal self-respect comes first and foremost.


Follow the link to find out if you are a Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal personality:
5 Elements Personality-Type Quiz



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