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We’re excited to be hosting Haylie Pomroy, author of The Fast Metabolism Diet, for a live chat on our Facebook page tonight at 7 p.m. (ET). Stop by, ask questions and learn how food can heal an out-of-whack metabolism. Here, Pomroy explains more about her approach to revving up a slow metabolism. —BBL Editor

I’m sure you have at least one skinny friend or acquaintance who just seems to shovel in the food and never gain weight. She has a fast metabolism! Then there are people who hardly eat at all and are still stuck with extra weight. Those people have slow metabolisms that just aren’t burning the way they should. Sound familiar? Then this book is for you.

In my 19 years of clinical practice, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and seen them lose thousands of pounds by following my simple and delicious plan for metabolic rehab. Through real, whole, nutritious food, I can get your metabolism humming again in just 28 days.

The Fast Metabolism Diet is no fad. It’s solid science. And you won’t count calories or carbs, you won’t eat bland, boring diet food, and you won’t go hungry. Instead, we’ll rev-up your sluggish metabolism by rotating the foods you eat in three distinct phases, repeated each week for four weeks.

You’ll come away from this book understanding how the body works and why it responds to your actions the way it does. And you’ll develop habits and knowledge that can sustain you for life.

The Fast Metabolism Diet isn’t a book for first-time dieters. It’s a book for last-time dieters! If you’re a chronic dieter who’s tried every diet out there, your battle is over. It’s time to love food and learn how to use it to bring about real, lasting weight loss, increased energy and lower stress.

Join me tonight at 7:00 p.m. (ET) on the Books for Better Living Facebook page to hear more about the book and learn how food can be the medicine to help get your metabolism back on track! 

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The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight
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