Season of Surprises: Rich Roll’s Podcast

Books for Better Living is getting into the holiday spirit with Season of Surprises (aka S.O.S.), a month-long celebration of healthy living. We’re bringing you daily book giveaways, exclusive excerpts and inspiring tips that will help you end 2012 with a healthy bang.

Today, we asked Rich Roll, author of Finding Ultra, to introduce his new podcast series. If you’re looking for healthy inspiration for 2013, subscribe and listen to his  free podcast.

When I began training intensely for ultra-endurance triathlons back in 2008, I was in search of some companionship for my very long training runs and rides, which would often last the better part of an entire day — too many hours to always be left with just my thoughts or music alone. Audiobooks on my iPod are great, but I craved something more varied and contemporaneous — like a radio station curated to my specific interests.

That’s when I discovered podcasts. I was an immediate convert.

What I love about podcasts is the freedom — a great long-form conversation between a host and a guest that delves deep into a particular topic; the organic authenticity unwed to a cadre of program directors and advertising interests that at best curtail the depth a conversation can go when left to lead where it wants to venture.

When Finding Ultra was released, I had the pleasure of being a guest on a wide variety of podcasts — extremely popular programs like The Adam Carolla Show and The Joe Rogan Experience. This experience demonstrated the amazing reach and power of this relatively new medium, aiding significantly in the profile of my book, even beyond appearances in traditional national television media like CNN.

With my book came an onslaught of email. Questions from readers on too many health-related subjects to count. It occurred to me the best way to address this need for more and better information, and continue and broaden my relationship with the audience, was to simply launch my own podcast that takes up where my book leaves off and provides in-depth information and insights from high-profile guests I have had the pleasure of learning from along my path.

In an organic and relatively open-ended manner, I share what I have learned and engage my guests — people from all walks of life along the health, wellness, nutrition and fitness spectrum. Future episodes in the works will bring the best and brightest stars in health, nutrition and fitness to help you start the New Year with a refreshing and informative perspective to get you eating right, feeling great and on the path to unlocking the best and most authentic version of yourself for 2013.

I hope you join us!

Peace + Plants,

You can find the Rich Roll Podcast on iTunesStitcher Radio.

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