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7 Unique Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them Without Using “I Love You”

Here are seven prompts to get you to express your love to someone in a new way.

Love can make us do crazy things—with “crazy” ranging from buying a spontaneous one-way plane ticket in order to surprise someone, to watching the new horror film for someone despite being a complete scaredy cat yourself.

However you choose to do it, expressing your love to someone is like the tinder that keeps the romantic spark alive.

Often, it’s not even the big sweeping gestures that really tug at someone’s heartstrings—it’s the little things, the memories or sweet nothings, that can mean so much more than you think. That’s the mentality behind What I Love About You by Kate and David Marshall.

To help inspire you to say what’s in your heart, the Marshalls created a series of prompts and thought starters to get your own heart racing. Read a few of them below and let your heart take over the rest.

Maybe it’s funny:

“If we’d met in a comic strip, the thought bubble over my head would’ve said…”

Or sentimental:

“Of the many happy times together, this one stands out in my mind…”

“If I were making a time capsule from our time together now to open in twenty years, I’d enclose…”

Sometimes the sweetest things are the things the other person doesn’t even notice:

“You seem happiest when…”

“I get a kick out of watching you…”

Or maybe it’s recognizing when they were there for you:

“Thank you for trying to cure me of…”

“If I knew one of us was going to disappear tomorrow, I’d want to tell you this today…”






Illustration: Marie Guillard



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