Why You Shouldn’t Want to Be Better

If you’ve ever found yourself uninspired, unmotivated or unmoved in your current job, career path or life path, then perhaps it’s time to consider becoming unmistakable. Are you following a personal path to achieve a goal, or are you just falling in line as part of the status quo? Some may argue that to be successful you have to follow the rules—climb the corporate ladder and prove yourself more useful than the guy standing next to you. But what if there was no competition because you were, just undeniably self-defined and no one could replicate your craft?

Sure, it requires jumping off the hamster wheel and forfeiting from the rat-race, but the argument to consider is how many of us are truly happy racing and running, and how many of us are in it without realizing the alternative options available to us? Are we utilizing our strengths? Are we stretching to the limits of our creativity, or just passively working in agreement with the person seated at the head of the table?

This is the message behind Unmistakable: Why Only is Better than Best by Srinivas Rao. And to be clear, if you’ve read the title three times aloud, you aren’t alone. To be “only” means to be the unique, a standout—the creator of a certain movement or technique. It’s limitless to be the only, and it’s nearly impossible for someone to recreate, compare to or above all, compete with. So, forget being better than the person sitting next to you, or the best in your group, company or craft. Be the only! The only one who thought of it, the only one who created it, the only one who succeeded at doing it.

Srinivas Rao speaks from ultimate experience. After abandoning his corporate job and MBA, he started a podcast titled the Unmistakable Creative.  He interviews hundreds of creative individuals (the “unmistakable creatives” as he calls them) known for stepping out and stepping into the “only”. He says it best in the introduction:  “When you’re the only person who could have created a work of art, the competition and standard metrics by which things are measured become irrelevant because nothing can replace you. The factors that distinguish you are so personal that nobody can replicate them.”

Having discovered his passion for surfing, and his podcast, Rao has conjoined the two into a masterful text outlining how to plan your attack to become unmistakable.



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