So, What Is Metabolism Anyway?

Spring is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to get a fresh start on healthy living. Our April book of the month, The Fast Metabolism Diet by nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, will help you do just that. Pomroy is known for helping celebrities, athletes and people with chronic illness lose weight the healthy way by using food to rev up metabolism. Here, she explains the metabolic process and how it’s possible to change how yours works. (Giveaway alert! We’re giving away 25 copies of The Fast Metabolism Diet and 25 BlenderBottles! Visit our Facebook page by 4/23/13 to enter to for a chance win.) —BBL Editor

It seems like everybody is talking about “metabolism” these days—it’s all over the magazine stands and on TV. And I’m so excited that everyone is finally talking about it! Your metabolism couldn’t be more important—it affects every aspect of your life. And in my 20 years as a nutritionist and wellness counselor, understanding metabolism—and helping my clients fine-tune it—has been a huge part of my clinical practice. But what exactly IS metabolism? Geek out with me for a minute while we dive into it!

First of all, your metabolism isn’t an object: It’s a process. The ‘metabolic process’ consists of chemical reactions that occur in the cells of all living creatures to keep them alive. For you, your metabolism is the process that transforms the food you eat into either heat and fuel, or substance: muscle, fat, blood, bone. So your metabolism—which is working 24/7—is always doing one of three things: burning, storing or building.

The percentage of time your metabolism spends doing each of those three things determines whether you have a slow metabolism—one that spends more of its time storing fat—or a fast metabolism, which spends more of its time burning energy and building a strong body. We all know which one we want! The ideal metabolism gives you the perfect amount of available energy, the right amount of stored energy that’s ready to use when you need it, and a solid frame of muscle and bone.

Fast or slow?
We all know people with fast metabolisms. Those are the people who seem to eat anything they want and not gain weight. Their skin glows, they’re strong and toned, and they have energy to spare.

But what about you? If it’s easier for you to gain than lose weight, that’s a major sign you’ve got a slow metabolism. And you probably think you’re stuck with it forever. But I’m here to tell you: It doesn’t have to be that way!

The cool thing about your metabolism is that you can change it. It’s always ready to react to what you eat, what activities you do, your stress level, even your environment. It’s great that we can actually manipulate our metabolisms by changing our diet and habits. The trouble is that it’s too easy to end up with the body you don’t want. How does that happen? By eating lots of processed foods, stuff full of artificial flavorings and colors, or nutrient-void foods like sugar and alcohol. These metabolism-busters tax your liver, throw your adrenal glands into panic mode and send your cortisol levels soaring, bringing your already slow metabolism to a standstill.

The good news? You can turn this whole cycle around! That’s what The Fast Metabolism Diet is all about. By eating the right whole, nutritious proteins, grains, fruits, veggies and healthy fats, you can re-train and rev-up your body’s metabolic process, turning it from a pile of wet, soggy logs to a raging bonfire. What’s more, you can do it with no calorie-counting, without stressing about carbs and without wearing yourself out at the gym two hours a day. And you can do it in as little as 28 days.

Are you ready to get started?

The Fast Metabolism Diet is on sale April 9. In the meantime, you can read an excerpt or learn more at

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