It’s Spring Cleaning, But Not As You Know It

There is a natural instinct at this time of year, when flowers begin to bloom and birds begin to sing, to shake off the dregs of winter and thoroughly clean your home.

Spring cleaning is a tradition in many cultures around the world, but our modern lifestyle needs something more. Cleaning is good, but it’s not enough. To really harness the forces of Nature and make a fresh start at the new cycle of seasons, clutter clearing will help you achieve much deeper results.

Here’s a novel approach you can try

Begin by making a tour of your home with paper and pen in hand. Imagine that next week a major film crew will be coming to make a documentary about who you are by examining how you live, and they will be filming all your rooms and the deepest, darkest recesses of all your closets and drawers. This will then be broadcast to the whole world for everyone to see.

What would you want to change between now and then? What would you want to tidy, clutter clear, repair, or improve in some way? In what way does your outer environment not feel in keeping with the person you really are or would like to be?

Your home is a mirror of yourself, and everything in it says something about you. When there are areas that are neglected, untidy, or crammed with clutter, they reflect some part of your life. My clients stand open-mouthed in astonishment as I tell them things about themselves I couldn’t possibly know otherwise, just by observing the type of clutter they have and where it is located in their home. Everything you own affects you in some way.

So as you spring-clean your home this year, don’t just dust around your clutter and ignore it. Treat yourself to an in-depth clear-out, too.

Five steps to spring clearing:

1. Open some windows to create a circulation of air in your home.

2. Tackle the small, easier jobs first. You’ll discover a seemingly magical thing happens when you do—every area you clean and clutter clear releases energy for you to do more.

3. Use The Four Categories of Clutter to determine which of your belongings are clutter:

•Things you do not use or love
•Things that are untidy or disorganized
•Too many things in too small a space
•Anything unfinished

4. Use The Clutter Test with each item to evaluate what to keep and let go:

1) Does it lift my energy when I think about it or look at it?
2) Do I absolutely love it?
3) Is it genuinely useful?


If the answer is not a resounding yes to question (1) and an equally resounding yes to either question (2) or (3), then what is it doing in your life?

5. Finish by removing all the clutter you’ve cleared from your home (and that doesn’t mean put it in the attic or the garage!).

This process can be hard work but it’s so worthwhile. After cleaning all the grungy areas and clearing all the clutter, many people report that that there seems to be a new quality of light in their home, as if everything looks brighter, more distinct, and more defined.

And here’s the best bit—because you are connected to your home, the effects aren’t just limited to the building but it also permeates you. This creates more clarity in every aspect of your life. It’s as if you’ve awakened a little and can see things more clearly. Your home feels better and you feel more alive.

So this year, don’t just spring clean. Go much, much deeper. Spring clear!
You can read more about Karen Kingston’s clutter clearing methods in her international bestseller, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, published by Harmony Books.

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