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“What if you knew, marrow deep, that you were never meant to always go-go-go, but instead to ebb and flow?” –LiYana Silver, Feminine Genius

One of my teachers used to say that each of us is the sky and our emotions are the weather. Crashing thunderstorms, breezy sunshine, delicate snow and heavy rain, colorful rainbows—all that emotional weather passes through us while we contain it effortlessly like the wide open sky.

It helps me to remember this natural ebb and flow, the way emotions come and go. And to remember that there’s always a deep stillness available to me, just one mindful breath away.

I was reminded of this when reading LiYana Silver’s bold new book Feminine Genius.


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It’s all about embracing your feminine power by connecting deep to your body’s wisdom. What I love is how she reveals the intelligence of women’s bodies through nitty-gritty practices that help us break free and get un-stuck.

We’re all inundated with messages to work smarter, live healthier, multitask faster, give more, and do it all while being perfectly put together. It’s just too much. And then when we stumble, the message is that we’ve failed somehow. LiYana Silver asks us to set that falsehood down.

“Why do we resist slowing down,” Silver asks, “shedding skin, and sowing seeds for our next jubilant springtime?” She compares the cycles in our bodies with the four seasons of the natural world. She walks us through a powerful process of synching with our cycles instead of resisting them. Getting in touch with the rhythms that connect our bodies to the natural world allows us to soften the critical internal voice that demands that we go-go-go all the time.



Silver explains that by tracking our predominant emotions, energy levels, and beliefs/thoughts every day for a month (ideally, three months), we begin to see patterns that fall into two categories:

Death, or fall/winter, where your emotions will likely be more tender, introspective, judgmental, and self-effacing. This is when your energy will likely be more inward, slow, deliberate, and thick: and where your thoughts will likely be marked by questioning, doubting, dot-connecting, dreaming, and musing.”
Rebirth, or spring/summer, where your emotions will likely be more lively, boisterous, confident, and joyful. This is when your energy will likely be more outward, quick, clear, and fleet; and where your thoughts will likely be marked by daring, deciding, generosity, enjoyment, and moxie.”

Syncing with the unique, natural cycles of your own body is empowering. It’s all about self-knowledge and self-compassion.

“It helps you see that it is no mistake that you cycle,” Silver writes, “that it is, in fact, deliberate and intelligent. And that you will be a better woman for it.”


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