Your Healthy Summer 2018 Hair Guide

Summer break is finally here. But let’s make sure the only breakage you experience is time off from school or work . . . NOT your hair.

We love summer (especially an endless one), but the extra sun, heat, humidity, and increase in activity can present a whole new set of challenges for keeping your hair healthy. So we went searching for tips from some of our favorite, top hair stylists on the latest techniques, hairstyles, and products that not only work […]

What’s Your Skincare Psyche?

Discover the Japanese ritual of glowing and create a new skincare ritual that’s perfect for you.

Chances are, your skin care is aggressive. In the West, we scrub, peel, and sandblast our skin, as if we can somehow scrape away the years. Let’s stop doing that. Instead, let’s create simple skin care rituals that honor our age and help us glow from the inside out. Victoria Tsai’s book Pure Skin shows […]

A Head to Toe Guide to Spring and Summer Accessorizing

Celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger offers tips on using accessories to look your polished best.

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to complete an outfit? Or find a great pair of statement shoes and don’t know what the heck you’ll wear with them? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger has some chic solutions for warm weather accessorizing—just in time for you to emerge from the warm cocoon […]

What Beauty Is, in 500 Definitions

Mihaela Noroc’s The Atlas of Beauty will change how you think about beauty and womanhood forever.

When Mihaela Noroc set out on her global adventure and began photographing women from all over the world, she did not expect her work to become a worldwide phenomenon. Her project, The Atlas of Beauty, which has captivated people all around the world on social media, is now a book home to a collection of […]

How to Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to looking expensive, skip the designer labels and go back to the basics.

You know this kind of woman when you see her, the woman who still looks perfectly polished even when she’s just grabbing coffee in a t-shirt and leggings. She’s not overdone; she didn’t put on a pound of makeup when she got out of bed, and yet she’s glowing and well put together.

Your Guide to Cruelty-Free Summer Beauty

Look and feel your best with these summer beauty staples.

Summer is in full-swing, and if you’ve already embarked on your cruelty-free journey, you may be looking for ethical replacements for some of your summer beauty favorites. Whether it’s sunscreen, a great nail polish for your vacation-inspired mani-pedi, or safe, effective insect repellant, there is a cruelty-free option to fit your needs and your budget.

Get a Natural Glow with Superfood Skincare

You're used to blending these superfoods in your smoothies, now try them on your face, too. Think farm to face. We're talking raw ingredients. Nothing crazy. These are all common items you may already have in your kitchen, and they're super easy to use. Easy as in mix 'em up, apply, and rinse!

Toss Out All Your Drug Store Beauty Products

Microdermabrasion is an incredible tool for reducing scarring, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation, but it certainly isn't cheap and isn't always the safest. This recipe is about as close as it gets to a spa microdermabrasion using all natural ingredients!

Make Your Own Peaches-and-Cream Face Mask

Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood's Your Hidden Riches teaches readers how to harness the power of ritual to create a life of love, wealth, and happiness. Beauty rituals can be part of that. Nurture yourself with an easy recipe for a soothing mask that will leave your skin peaches-and-cream smooth!

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