Books That Bring Us Joy: May 2017

Our 5 favorite books for practicing self-care.

Here are some of our fave books for May, organized around the idea that springtime is about change and renewal and growth. Time for self-care, in all its forms: financial, physical, spiritual. Forget New Year resolutions, spring is the best time to make change in your life. Align yourself with the earth’s energy as it transforms itself and use this time to sweep out the old and bring in the new. These books will give you what you need to spring forward!

Use Your Scraps! Minestrone Recipe from The Homemade Kitchen

Alana Chernila is the truest friend a home cook could want, and in her new book, The Homemade Kitchen, she shows us that even though homemade food is the opposite of perfection, we can use food to shape our lives for the better – in the kitchen and beyond. Mindfulness, seasonal ingredients, patience and the willingness to step out of our […]

Einkorn’s Ginger Cookie Recipe

Ancient grains seem to be everywhere these days, led by quinoa which took the world by storm. But now it’s einkorn’s turn in the sun. Einkorn is the only wheat that has remained unaltered for thousands of years and has never been hybridized or modified. It has low-levels of gluten, so it’s perfect for those […]

Why I Love Literary Cookbooks

I find myself reading cookbooks for pleasure, snuggling up with them as I would a great novel. Beautiful odes to ingredients, stories about adventures in farming, foraging, fishing, and preserving are thoughtfully and lovingly told.

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