3 Adorable Halloween Craft Projects

Fall is the craftiest time of the year. The vibrant color of the falling leaves, the spicy smell of pumpkin spice, the crisp temperatures – it all combines to make us want to snuggle inside and get crafty. So we've gathered three of our favorite easy craft projects to enjoy on a beautiful fall day.

9 Easy Steps to Make a Terrarium

A terrarium is a luscious, unique way to display nature in your home. Horticulturist Tovah Martin shares her step-by-step technique for making a moss terrarium - so easy and fun, and the result is a real conversation piece.

Cool Summer Project: Tie-Dye Scarf

Tie-dye has grown up and resurfaced as one of today’s most inspired looks. From runway collections to celebrity style, the modern twist on tie-dye is more sophisticated, but making it is still as much fun as ever. We have an easy summer tie-dye project for you: the Crystalline Scarf. Gorgeous!

Adorable Free Pattern from Just Like Me Knits

We have many new moms here at the BBL offices, and we’re always looking for quick, easy, and cute knitting patterns. One of our favorite things to knit for little ones are animal hats. That’s why we’re thrilled that Brandy Fortune, author of Just Like Me Knits has shared the Jesse Doll Bear Hat pattern with us!

Create Paper Flowers! Twisted Ribbon Tulip Project

Paper flowers are always in season. Just like real flowers, they are substantial yet delicate, impermanent yet artful. Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell have perfected the art of the paper flower, and share their time-tested techniques to transform simple materials into exquisite blooms in their new book, Paper to Petal. These fanciful blossoms never wilt, […]

DIY Style: Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet

While perusing Jenni Radosevich’s wonderful blog ISpyDIY.com, I came across these to-die-for bracelets. After visiting a few trim stores, I had the material I needed to make these babies come to life. I went to multiple stores only because I could – having access to NYC’s garment district – but all the materials can be […]

Craft Your Own Tic Tac Toe Board

When my daughter learned to play Tic Tac Toe, she was delighted to get this crafty set made by her grandma! It's great because you don't waste paper and you can throw it into a bag for a quick game in the car or on a plane. It's also a simple introduction to sewing for kids 6 and up.
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