Bring the Outside In

Nature—in its myriad forms—is the inspiration for truly unique decorating.

Back in March, I took a walk and was reminded of how many colors are still out there despite the time of year. I came across the expected red and purple berries but also: thin, red, naked boughs of a tree that look like the color of slapped skin or your stained hands after picking […]

Create a Home That’s a True Reflection of YOU

Practice the art of authentic, simple living in three easy steps.

Our home can be a sanctuary, a place to rest, to indulge the senses, to get creative. Our home can reflect us—not just our individual style but our values. It can be an outer reflection of our inner self. But how exactly do we bring that to life? Follow these three simple steps inspired by […]

5 Simple Ways to Elevate the Table Setting at Your Next Dinner Party

Learn how to use these five essential elements to create a warm, festive mood when hosting family and friends for dinner.

While hosting a dinner is very much about the food you’re serving, a thoughtful and well-decorated table arrangement is just as important. As adults, we’re well beyond the plastic cup and paper napkin stage, though there’s always a time and place (barbecues for instance) for the casual fare. You’d never want your table presentation to […]

Bringing Big Summer Style to a Small Outdoor Space

Get tips, tricks and inspiration on how to maximize your small outdoor area.

We all have at least one small space in our home that we don’t know how to utilize to its full potential. And if that area happens to be a square-foot challenged patio, sunroom or outdoor space, the possibility of making it into a quiet sanctuary during the weeknights and a spot for entertaining on the weekends, can seem next to impossible.

Apartment Therapy Asks: What’s Your Style?

At Apartment Therapy, we’ve spent more than ten years visiting remarkable homes around the world.  In that time, we’ve managed to document the uniqueness, authenticity, and aspirations of a whole new generation. Thousands of homes have been photographed, their great ideas and ingenious resources recorded in detail, so that we can share it all with […]

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