The Highly Sensitive Person: Are You One, and If So, What Kind?

Why knowing what specific sensitivities you have can help you navigate your way through the world.

I tend to be a skeptic, which, on the surface, seems uncommon in the self-help and wellness realm, but skepticism should not be equated with close-mindedness. Being open-minded, I’ll try just about any approach to bettering my life, relationships, and health, but that approach has to prove itself. This means that while I may not […]

Intuitive Empaths: Avoid Emotional Overload

Learn the different manifestations of and protections for those with extraordinary empathy.

Have you ever thought of a friend, and suddenly the phone rings and it’s them? Have you ever gotten the impression that someone you know is pregnant and received news not long after that she is, in fact, expecting? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, there’s a good chance you are an empath.

10 Reasons to Be Kind Today

How acts of generosity are the secret to building a fuller, more satisfying life.

It’s not always easy in our hurried and pressured lives to offer a helping hand to a friend or to forgive the person who jumps in line ahead of us, or even to simply smile at a stranger on the subway. But there are at least 10 great reasons why it might be in our […]

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