Tara Stiles’ Pocket Yoga Guide: 5 Ways to Develop Your Yoga Practice

It’s Inspiration Month at Books for Better Living, and earlier we looked at Yoga’s Seven Big Benefits to help ignite your inner yogi. Today, we’re turning again to BBL’s Book of the Month, Yoga Cures, for inspiration and guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a novice, here are “yoga rebel” Tara Stiles’ five quick tips to developing an edifying practice.

1. Become an observer.

It’s quite interesting to step outside and watch yourself. You will learn something new every time. Observing your actions takes you out of reacting mode. You gain more time to see what’s going on and adjust accordingly.

2. Watch, don’t judge.

While doing this, remember not to judge. You can learn a lot more about your habits and behaviors if you can simply observe without judgment. This doesn’t mean you abandon all ability to discern good from not good! It just means you get to take a break from instant reactivity, just to watch.

3. Wait.

The reason it’s called practice is because it requires practice. Every day you keep at it. At first, it may not seem like much of anything is happening. But if you keep at it your body will open and strengthen and your mind will calm and settle. Have patience with yourself. Yoga doesn’t always work on the schedule you may want it to. Allow yourself the time to simmer and its lessons to cook. Enjoy the process. Remember life is a work in progress, and you’re always right in the middle of it…so that progress is sometimes hard to see.

4. Keep it up.

If you feel like giving up because nothing good seems to be happening, keep practicing. Things are changing in your body and mind. Trust the process. Trust yourself. Neither will let you down.

5. Don’t worry.

There is nothing to worry about. You are right where you need to be and you have all the tools you need. When you calm your mind everything opens up. Stress melts away, worries dissolve, the body gets crazy healthy, and your energy levels skyrocket.

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