Teff: the Gluten-Free, Superfood Grain You Need Now

Teff is rich in protein and minerals and high in fiber. What's not to love?

Looking for a delicious, nutritious gluten-free grain? Check out teff, an Ethiopian grain that’s making its way into natural grocery stores across the U.S.

I discovered teff recently at our local bakery when getting treats for my book club. A few of my girlfriends are gluten-free, so I was exploring my options.

In the gluten-free corner of the case, I saw a sign that I thought said “Jeff chocolate chip.” I figured Jeff is the baker and this is his signature cookie. Umm, no. The sign said “Teff chocolate chip.”

So I asked the baker “What’s teff?” and 20 minutes later, I left with a dozen teff cookies and a whole lot of info about this ancient, tiny grain. I was intrigued, so I read more about the health benefits.

I discovered that teff is the gluten-free superfood you’ve been waiting for! Here’s why:

  • Rich in protein.
  • Contains six different amino acids.
  • Full of minerals that we’re often lacking (iron, magnesium, calcium, copper).
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with menstrual issues.
  • High-fiber content can gently speed up the digestive process.

I love Ethiopian food and know that over the years, I’ve eaten my fair share of teff. But I wanted to find a way to cook it at home. Teff is great when cooked into bread or pasta or veggie burgers, but I wanted something quick and easy.

I’ve been a big fan of steel cut oats for years – sprinkle some chia seeds and fresh blueberries on top and pow! Instant superfood breakfast. But now my new favorite is whole-grain teff porridge. The slightly sweet, nutty, malty flavor is delicious and the delicate texture is a nice change.

You can find Bob’s Whole Grain Teff in most natural groceries – try it, I think you’ll like it.

If you’re a fan of teff, leave us a comment with a favorite recipe!

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