The Hidden Cause of Unwanted Weight Gain [video]

This month, we’ve been featuring Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much by Colette Baron-Reid as our book of the month. Baron-Reid understands the real reason so many of us struggle to lose weight and keep it off. Through her own personal struggles, having gained as much as 80 pounds in three months, she discovered the hidden cause of unwanted weight gain. It isn’t that we don’t know what to eat or don’t have enough willpower, it’s that we are responding to feeling too much!

But enough of what we have to say about it; in the video below, you can hear Baron-Reid herself explain her truly unique guide to the real reason so many people struggle with weight and unhealthy eating habits. Empathetic eaters tend to be highly tuned to the emotions of those around them, she says. They feel more deeply and soak up the feelings of sadness, anger and fear of others, which often leads to mindless eating as a way of coping. Baron-Reid’s four-step, eight-week program helps manage empathy overload — the hidden cause of unwanted weight gain and emotional, empathetic eating. For more on Colette and her book, click below!

Intrigued? Take our quiz to see if empathy is interfering with your weight loss.

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Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much
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