Three Things You Promised Yourself You Would Do This Summer but Didn’t 

Every year at the approach of Memorial Day I pray for warm weather, pop open the rosé, and make the same three promises for summer that I do every year: to lose weight, to take that vacation I’ve always wanted to, and to be active on the weekends, making sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather! Every year August 1st creeps up on me, and I am struck with horror when I realize I have done nothing on my list, and Labor Day is only a few weeks away. Here are those 3 things I promised myself I would do this summer, and how I can still do them before it’s officially over:


    1. The promise: Losing weight for summer
      Last-minute solution: Drink water and quick tone-up exercises
      We all are guilty of vowing to lose weight at one point or another. The majority of bathing-suit season is behind us, and you definitely looked fabulous. But there are some easy steps you can take to boost your body image and leave summer with a bang. In many cases any kind of weight fluctuation we experience is due to water weight, thus causing bloat. The “drink eight glasses of water a day” rule is no joke. Not only will drinking at least a liter (some say a gallon) of water every day flush away water weight and de-bloat you, it will also replenish a youthful glow in your skin and flush out toxins. Of course, if you’re still craving to lose a few before the end of summer and tone up, there are two ways to pack a punch for the next bathing-suit baring event. The first are planks, which are incredible for engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and the second is jumping rope. You don’t have to be a pro—jumping at a moderate level can burn 10 to 16 calories a minute!
    2. The promise: Taking a vacation
      Last-minute solution: Book local or book for next year now!
      You said you would pick dates and book your big trip before things got too crazy, but you never did. This one’s an easy fix! If you’re looking to go local, most beachy spots drop their prices by hundreds of dollars after Labor Day. While it may not be hot enough to lie in the sun, you can still enjoy the beach. The upside is that the off-season offers the beauty of space: fewer people, less crowds, better restaurant reservations, and typically better service, just to name a few benefits. If you’re looking to get out of the country, then stop procrastinating and just book it! There’s always warm weather elsewhere, and a beach vacation is sweeter when the temperature drops at home. Of course, if you’re a teacher or if your profession makes it difficult for you to take time off in the cooler months, tackle this problem now and make plans for your big vacation next summer. Book it, or risk making the same mistake two summers in a row!
    3. The promise: Being “outdoorsy” and taking advantage of sunny weekends
      The solution: Plan those free weekend excursions from now until November—no excuses!
      You were stuck in the house over icy conditions and freezing temperatures, and you swore once the storm clouds lifted, you would tackle the outdoors. Once you hear its 91 degrees outside, the air-conditioning, couch, and this box of Teddy Grahams is about all the wilderness you need. It’s a vicious cycle. First, call some friends. You’re never going to go to the reserve, hike trails in the state park, or visit the zoo without companions. Like anything, you need a support group. Start a group chat and actively map out the key destinations in your area that you want to see. If it’s the heat that makes you want to curl up in a ball, then wait until late September to do the first hike or exploration, and get going through October. The upside is you won’t have to endure high temperatures, and the foliage will be so gorgeous you’ll forget about summer altogether. Just go and do it before the East Coast becomes a frozen tundra again.


Have you made promises for the summer that you’re struggling to keep? We’d love to hear about them. Share in the comments section below.



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