Tips to Kick-start Your Summer Resolutions

It’s the first week of June and we’re officially halfway through the year – and 6 months into our New Year’s resolutions. I am a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. I love the idea of starting the year with a clean slate, with new or rejuvenated ambitions. I normally start with a lot of momentum since I’ve just completed two months of holiday and birthday celebrations that go hand-in-hand with my favorite foods and drinks (and less time for working out). I always feel more energized than ever to press the reset button and create a clear vision of what I want the next year to look like. However, one of my goals was to reach a higher level of fitness and health — and as with most years, I hit a slump a far cry from the finish line.

Enter Summer Resolutions: my new personal initiative to help me break from the pattern and reach my personal goals. To re-energize the goals I haven’t yet reached and also to remind myself that it’s never too late to get back on track. The year isn’t over yet!

I’ve recently discovered Classpass. Classpass isn’t brand new. More than one person in my life told me about it and encouraged me to sign up, but I wasn’t sure I’d be dedicated enough to make it worthwhile. I finally bit the bullet and it’s rejuvenated me more than I anticipated. Before I joined, I was a member of a gym and my routine had been fairly lackluster – nothing excited me and I thought just showing up was good enough, and wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I should. But Classpass’s system (a monthly membership to boutique fitness classes and has a wide array of offerings from Pilates to spin to rowing to kickboxing to barre– almost anything you can think of) has helped me get out of my rut. Every week and class is different and each studio has given me the motivation I need to push myself and try new things – and believe in myself enough to try to improve.

It reminded me that just changing up my routine and starting something new can make a positive impact on how I see myself. It makes me feel like I’m being proactive and consciously making the choice to take time for what is important. And I don’t need to wait until January to do it.

I’ve listed my Summer Resolutions to keep my 2015 goals on track – what’s on your Summer Resolution list? What do you do to kick start your goals?

  1. Make fitness a priority and improve in my workout classes.
  2. Cook more!  I’ve particularly liked cooking from Inspiralized and Skinnytaste. Every time I make a healthy meal it feels like such an accomplishment and a relatively easy way to put my health first (plus the meals are really tasty).
  3. Go to museums.  I live in one of the biggest cities in the world with some of the most world-renowned museums – several of which are less than 15 minute walk from my apartment.   I want to enjoy what my city has to offer.
  4. Spend time outside every weekend (weather permitting).
  5. Take more pictures.
  6. Get out of the city and visit friends.
  7. Run a 10K.

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