Tired of Being Tired? Try Yoga Nidra

45 minutes of this rest cleanse is as beneficial as three hours of sleep.

“If you want to get something done,” my grandmother used to say, “ask the busiest woman you know.” That woman is probably you. And you’re probably really tired.

We women are busy, busy, busy. There’s pressure to do it all, have it all, be it all. Tired is our new normal, and that’s not okay. What if the inexpensive treatment of rest could give us our lives back?

Free yourself from anxiety and burnout. Give yourself a rest cleanse with yoga nidra. “Worn out to well-rested is a path that you can easily travel in yoga nidra rest meditation,” says Karen Brody, author of Daring to Rest.

“The reason I want to spread yoga nidra to everyone is because you can do it lying down, listening to a guided voice, and doing nothing more. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?”

Picture this: for 40 days, you dedicate time to lie down under a blanket.

You listen to a guided yoga nidra rest meditation (for 15 minutes a day, then 30, and gradually 40).

You deeply relax all levels of your body and being.

You let go of layers of exhaustion.

Every 5 days you read one new chapter about yoga nidra rest meditation, a practice for entering one of the deepest states of relaxation imaginable.

You balance your nervous system.

You feel centered in your authentic self.

You free your well-rested woman.

You take this deep relaxation into the world.

It really is that easy. Karen offers a simple three-phase program that will heal stress and fatigue and help you access your brighter, lighter, stronger self.

Phase One: REST.

Addresses physical exhaustion. Guided meditation for 15 minutes a day.

Phase Two: RELEASE.

Addresses mental and emotional exhaustion. Guided meditation for 30 minutes a day.

Phase Three: RISE.

Addresses the “life-purpose” exhaustion that arises when we are not operating at our full power.

“One of the reasons so many women tell me they cannot rest is that there is no quiet space in their home,” says Karen Brody.

“This is why it’s essential to mark your territory. Many women have spent years not resting or collapsing on their beds unconsciously to rest because their home is not set up for it.”

What you need is a rest cave: a small space that’s all your own, where you can remove distractions and press the rest button. Get started with 7 Tips for Creating Your Rest Cave and this video from Karen on yoga nidra for relaxation and anxiety relief.





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