Tosca Reno’s 3 Gentle, Easy Baby Steps to Weight Loss and Health

The Start Here Diet is a simple three-step process: Dive Inward, Uncover Your Hidden Foods, and Move a Little!

This is the process that brought me out of my dark, lonely, and heavy place, and I know that it is the place where you must begin, too.

Part 1, “Coming Out of Hiding,” turns your focus inward. Many diets begin by asking you to identify your goals, such as the number of pounds you want to lose. My strategy is a bit different: I want you to focus on what’s behind your weight gain and behind your desire to lose weight.

No diet will ever be successful if you don’t go to that place inside you, a place usually wrapped in pain, discomfort, shame, self-defeating habits, and fear. Unless you take care of this inner place, this inner fat person who is hiding from the world and herself or himself, then no matter what the diet, it will not work in the long run.

And I am all about the long run. I am all about showing you how you can—and will—heal that inner place, that part of you where your gifts and secret strengths reside.

As a former overweight person, I know what the prison of extra pounds does to the heart and the soul, never mind the body. And I know that for you to emancipate yourself from the prison of too much weight, to get in touch with the real you and the gifts that lie within you, you must face the intense fear and discomfort that surround you and that are presently dictating your life though you may be unaware of this truth.

Step 1 will help you do this. I call this step “your dive inward.” I will describe my own dive inward and then ask you to get in touch with your heart, ask yourself some tough questions, and find some ways to forgive yourself, give yourself permission to move on, and begin to dismantle the pain that keeps you in your prison.

This first, heart-focused step is not complicated, but some of the questions you will ask yourself, and the changes they lead you to, probably won’t be easy. However, they are absolutely necessary and build a foundation from which you can take the subsequent two steps. Diving inward is the foundation for the beginning of your permanent weight loss. It is the step that will put you on the path to losing the ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, or two hundred pounds that have you locked up, unwell, and miserable. Diving inward is where I started my process.

. . .

This is a book for all of you who feel so profoundly stuck on the couch that you can no longer even imagine moving your body. This is a book for all of you who feel trapped by your bodies and who refuse to look in the mirror. Perhaps you’ve lost the sense of your body’s shape and size. Maybe you have always struggled with your weight, or maybe it was the act of quitting smoking or the birth of your children that left you with extra pounds you haven’t been able to lose.

Regardless of the trigger or original cause, I believe that diving inward, discovering your hidden foods, and moving just a little is the right plan to kickstart you into a new way of life and into caring for yourself and your body again.

So come join me. I will show you how to trust yourself again, forgive yourself, and imagine changes you thought were beyond your reach.

You will see how I and others like me began by taking baby steps to change our lives. And then you will be more ready than ever before to take the three gentle, easy baby steps that will lead you to permanent weight loss and tremendous health. Let the journey begin!

Learn more about all three steps and visit Tosca online at

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