Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that Aren’t Cliché

The typical picture of a Valentine’s Day evening probably includes red roses, chocolates, perhaps a giant teddy bear, and a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant that is trying their hardest to accommodate the one night swell of customers. But if you’re not one of those people that prefer the overrated/overpriced dinner scene and obligatory one dozen roses, here are a few fun and not-so-predictable options for an equally romantic, and hopefully even more fun way of spending this occasion with the one you love most.

Go on a Hike: Provided it’s not too cold outside for the east coast dwellers, a hike is an awesome way to connect with a person. Take on a trail, bask in the quiet, engage in conversation the whole way, help each other hand in hand through rocky terrain and marvel at different sights. Snap some photo-worthy shots in front of scenic areas and steal some kisses. Maybe even pack a picnic if there’s a place that you can easily settle in for a bite.

Hit the slopes: For snow bunnies everywhere, this is the ultimate date. Bundle up and strap on your gear to dominate the mountain with your sweetheart. If you’re both learning, take a lesson together! After a few rides on the gondola, either warm up with a hot toddy and dinner in your thermals, or simply get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate by the lodge fire.

Set up a Scavenger Hunt: Take a seriously non-traditional route and invite other couples into your Valentine’s Day celebrations by hosting a scavenger hunt that ends in prizes, drinks and dinner at the end. Organize it yourself if you’re so willing, but there are actually companies and party-planners that are willing to do that part for you, for a fee.

Hotel Room with Room Service: Maybe you’re looking for romance, maybe you’re just looking for a change of scenery and those comfy hotel robes. Either way, book a hotel room, pull on those luxurious robes, and pop the champagne. Cheers to not having to dress up or put on uncomfortable heels for that matter, and order room service to your heart’s content without ever having to leave your room. Don’t forget dessert!

Rent a Luxury Sports Car: Sports cars are sexy; it’s a fact. Rent one for your love, and speed around town in high-style and luxury. Valet park with pride and let them stare. Go for a joyride after dinner and park somewhere. Enough said.

Take a Cooking Class: Learn a new dish, slice and dice, marinade and sauté as a team while sipping some wine. Then enjoy your creation together afterwards. There are plenty of places to take a cooking class so this is definitely an option that is accessible for many. But be sure to book your class now, because you likely won’t be able to get in days before Valentine’s!

Winery Tour: East coast and west coast alike, there are plenty of wineries to tour and sample vino paired with artisanal cheeses from area farmers. Sip on a plethora of quality vintages and soak in scenic views of vineyards and picturesque surroundings with your honey.


Photo Credit: Kitja Kitja/Shutterstock

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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that Aren’t Cliché”

  1. Yanglish says:

    Attractive tips. I like your idea – “Set up a Scavenger Hunt”

    • GiannaAntolos says:

      Thank you! I’ve done this once before and it was so much fun, and exhausting. You also get a great glimpse of how well you work together as a team.

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