Lauren Toyota Proves Vegans Really Do Have More Fun

Raw, leafy, boring? Not a chance. In her debut cookbook, Vegan Comfort Classics, the goddess of in-your-face vegan food has spoken.

If the meat-eaters you know still make fun of vegans because they eat “rabbit food,” then they clearly haven’t seen Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics, with Lauren Toyota’s decadent vegan renditions of all the fried, stuffed, mashed, and layered comfort food any glutton could lust after. Her first cookbook, Vegan Comfort Classics, debuts this […]

Is There Any Baked Dessert More Beautiful Than a Bundt Cake?

Jerrelle Guy doesn't seem to think so. The food writer enjoys looking at the "curves" of her vegan spin on the cake classic (Butter Pecan Bundt Cake) as much as she enjoys eating it. Try the recipe and judge for yourself.

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” This quote from beloved chef and author, Julia Child, is spot on. There are times when the comfort of a hot biscuit, a gooey melting cookie or a warm, thick slice of the potluck staple, Bundt cake, is a necessity. After all, what is a birthday or […]

Quick, Easy, Delicious, and Healthy: Bite-Sized Superfood Snacks You Can Make at Home

Vegan, gluten- & dairy-free bliss bites from Kate Bradley's Kenkō Kitchen, plus a recipe for Almost-a-Snickers’ Bar!

When I first gave up refined sugar, I thought it’d be no problem. After all, I only had it in my coffee . . . Right? Wrong. Refined sugar was in practically everything I consumed, and my cravings for it were real. By the time I hit week two of my “sans saccharine” detox, the […]

Get a Healthy Vegan Dinner on the Table in Fifteen Minutes

Plus a recipe for Pita Pizzas from Katy Beskow's 15-Minute Vegan

There are very few tasks that can be accomplished in fifteen minutes. We could scan our Facebook feed for dinner inspiration, but that could lead us down a rabbit hole of GIFs, videos, and memes. The smart move would be to pull out Katy Beskow’s 15-Minute Vegan and make a delicious meal in the time […]

Vegan Meals That Deliver Sustained Energy, Nourishment, and Flavor

Plus an easy to whip up vegan taco recipe from author and wellness blogger Gena Hamshaw that will nourish and satisfy the entire family.

Balancing work, family and taking care of our own needs can be a treacherous juggling act. As a busy working mom, I look for recipes that will not only make me feel good about cooking them for my family but will also provide me with the fuel I need to meet the demands of a […]

Get a Taste of Nostalgia: “Grilled Cheese” and Tomato Soup

Bobby Flay offers up a deliciously healthy take on a comfort food classic from your childhood.

Bobby Flay’s latest cookbook shares 200 recipes that prove healthy food needn’t be bland or boring. This is the twelfth title to be penned by the restaurateur and Food Network personality and the first to focus on health. These are recipes he makes for himself to counter-balance life as a chef which can bring many […]

Recipe: Fruit Crisps with Nut Toppings

Make this crave-worthy recipe from The Sweet Spot, a dessert option for your next family gathering.

Admit it, no matter how healthy your lifestyle is, sometimes you just need dessert. Having a sugary treat at the end of a meal or with a warm cup of tea is one of life’s sweetest pleasures. Now you can indulge your sweet tooth without compromising your healthy eating habits. In The Sweet Spot, former […]

The Quintessential Winter Stew

Brought to you with fewer calories, by The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook.

I love the winter months just as equally as I do summer and for all the most cliché reasons. Skiing, fresh snowfall, cozy coats and gloves, and cuddly nights by the fireplace are all the most enjoyable elements of winter. However, every part of me misses those effortless dinners on the grill while enjoying the […]

Moroccan Chicken Gets a Welcome Make-Under

Watching your sodium intake? This low-salt, slow cooker recipe from the American Heart Association has your number.

In our food-obsessed age with everything “salted,” it’s easy to forget that not everyone should be dousing their plate with high-end sprinkles of sodium. And by “everyone” I mean a lot of us. Low-salt cooking isn’t de rigueur, but it is essential for those combatting heart disease and high blood pressure—as well as for those […]

Walking in a Winter Waffle Land

Cold weather calls for cozy weekend brunches, but what about those New Year resolutions? Here’s the solution.

The holidays are always an intense cocktail of delight and stress, but there is one thing I can always count on: My husband’s incredible gift-giving abilities. His presents are always thoughtful, and usually something I wanted without realizing just how much I wanted it, but it’s safe to say they aren’t always the most selfless. […]
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