What’s Your Superpower?

Whether you are a fan of WWE superstar AJ Mendez or not, you have to admit; she does seem to have superpowers. Through a tumultuous childhood that included bouts of homelessness and emotional abuse to an adult life that started out with a devastating mental illness diagnosis, AJ went on to shatter glass ceilings and become a role model for underdogs everywhere.

As she grapples with questions like, What does it mean to be a good girl? What makes a girl good enough?, AJ’s ironclad belief in and commitment to herself coupled with her willingness to buck the trends ultimately lead not only to her colossal success but personal fulfillment as well. Crazy is my Superpower explores life lessons that form an empowering, self-aware worldview that inspires us to be our best selves. In fact, most of the beliefs AJ holds dear are shared by many successful people. So, whether you’re a CEO of a company, just starting out on your journey to adulthood, or somewhere in between, use these four life lessons to inspire you on your quest to becoming your own superhero.

1. Embrace what you have and take charge of what you can control. You can’t be someone else’s version of success or live someone else’s dream. Focus on your strengths and don’t be afraid to blaze your own trail.

2. No one is less human than anyone else. Reminding yourself that we’re all on a journey to becoming something better is humbling as well as inspiring. Always remember that by being supportive of each other, we all progress.

3. Use the pain from today as fuel for tomorrow. You can’t do anything about things that have already happened. You can change the way you respond to them. Start using your setbacks as opportunities to evaluate and adjust. Know that it’s ok to fall, as long as you keep getting up.

4. The response to achieving your dream is to dream bigger. Acknowledging your success is important, but it is not an excuse to stop striving for something more.

And while you’re likely not leaning towards a career in professional wrestling (more power to you if you are!), you have a super power. Hone in on the unique strengths that make you an original and cultivate them. You are responsible for your own destiny.

Do you have a unique gift or characteristic that works for you? Share your superpower in the comments below!


Photo Credit: Annette Shaff/Shutterstock

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