Workoutwear Is the New Denim


A few weeks ago, I had an important meeting at my office. I showed up in corporate casual. My client showed up in workoutwear.

“Oh,” I said when she arrived, “did you just come from the gym?”

“No??…” she replied, tilting her head and looking confused, as if I’d asked a totally random question.

I let it go, realizing that she was indeed dressed for our meeting. In yoga pants.

Apparently, workoutwear is the new denim. Grocery shopping? Meeting a friend for a cup of coffee? Catching a movie? It used to be that we’d grab our favorite t-shirt and throw on some jeans. Now we’re all running around in form-fitting lycra.

If you’re going to live your life in yoga pants, we’d like to offer a few gentle suggestions.

If you love your yoga pants because they’re stretchy, comfortable, breathable, and wrinkle-free, check out techwear. These days, they’re making even office-appropriate attire in the workout fabrics you love.

Wear a long wrap over your tank top and yoga pants, something that provides some coverage. My girlfriends and I call this “yogi tush camo” (camo as in camouflage).

Switch out those sneakers or flip flops for ballet flats. With the right top and shoes, you can transition your Lululemon from workout to the rest of your day.

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