4 Beginner Bodyweight Moves That Will Tone Your Abs for Summer

Get fit and fabulous in just 15 minutes a day with these powerfully effective ab exercises from Zuzka Light.

We’re kicking off our summer fitness series with workout routines that are guaranteed to burn fat and build ripped muscles. This month, we’re featuring weekly exercises from Zuzka Light’s, 15 MINUTES TO FIT. These fitness routines are based on innovative high-intensity interval workouts that are designed to be done anywhere and anytime (no fancy gym equipment necessary), in just 15 minutes a day. Feel free to take this fitness routine outdoors and get some fresh air and a healthy dose of vitamin D as you get fit (please take the necessary precautions for staying safe in the sun by keeping hydrated and using sunscreen). This week’s workout targets the abdominal muscles.

With beaches, barbecues, and backyard activities taking over most of the summer, our typical workouts may often fall by the wayside. When the temperatures are heating up, and the outdoors are calling, quick workouts are key. After all, who wants to spend time in a sweaty gym when the sands and surf are on the horizon?

That’s why incorporating fast, no-equipment-needed workouts, with just a few moves, is key to making the most out of our summer. Fitness doesn’t have to take a vacation just because we’re traveling, hosting parties, or taking a break from our regular schedule.

All you need is a few minutes — just 15 minutes, in fact — to get a solid workout in your day, says 15 Minutes to Fit author Zuzka Light.

And no matter your fitness level, whether you’re a novice or an enthusiast, you can begin to see the results with consistent work. “As long as you keep moving through the whole workout, you’ll still reap at least some and perhaps most of the benefits of my workouts, even if you don’t complete as many reps as a more experienced person,” Light says.

So block out at least 15 minutes on your schedule (yes, that’s all you need to complete this set of workouts), and get going with these core-focused moves from Light that’ll give you the abs you want this summer. “Maybe abs are made in the kitchen, but you need to train them too,” Light adds. “Drop down and get that beach body!”

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Plank Jack

Abs workout - plank jack

Abs workout - Plank-JackHow to do it: Start with holding a plank, and make sure your elbows are positioned directly below your shoulders. Then, just like you would perform a regular jumping jack, jump your feet apart, then back together, keeping your shoulders and core steady. Complete 20 reps.


Flying Burpee

flying burpees

Flying Burpees

How to do it: Who doesn’t love a burpee? It’s a great full-body workout, but it’ll also fire up your core in no time. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then drop down into a squat, bringing your palms to the ground. Sit your butt on the floor, rolling back and bringing your legs in the air. Swing your legs forward again, bringing your body into a push-up position, then jumping up and repeating the routine. Complete 10 reps.


Knee HugAbs Workout - Knee Hug

abs workout - knee hug

How to do it: Lie on your back with your legs extended and your arms by your side. Bring your knees into your torso and lift your shoulders, hugging your knees into your chest before returning to starting position. Complete 20 reps.


Jump Tuck

abs workout - jump tuck

How to do it: Start with a low squat, dropping your behind as low as you can, with your hands clasped in front of you. Then, jump up, tucking your knees into your chest, giving them a quick squeeze, before landing back into the squat position. Complete 10 reps.


Cycle through these four workouts until your 15 minutes are over. Over time, with more practice, you’ll be able to complete more cycles, moving on to more advanced moves, as well. Those summer abs are on their way.



Fitness routines courtesy of Avery, an imprint of Penguin Books USA, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC. Copyright 2015 by Zuzka Light and Jeff O’Connell from 15 Minutes to Fit.



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