The Surf Gym … Fad or Fab?

The morning after my first surf gym class, I woke up feeling like I’d done 1,001 sit ups. (Hello core!) It was challenging; it was a good practice in humility and patience. I reminded myself that our bodies take a while to learn new movements - even 25+ years of yoga practice didn’t mean I could effortlessly lift weights, do Pilates, and surf ... at the same time.

5 Ways to Mark the Autumnal Equinox

The end of summer and the coming of fall can sometimes feel sad or heavy. These five easy practices will help you celebrate the way autumn invites us to gently turn inward. It's all about getting cozy, enjoying sensory pleasures, and making our space (inside and out!) free of clutter.

The Return of Fat (Yes, Some Fat in Your Diet Is a Good Thing)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard: fat isn’t the horror we used to think it was. But you know what actually might be horrible for you? Fat-free food! Blech. The chemicals and processing required to create “fat-free” are proving to be bad for us. But then fat’s bad for us, too, right? Not exactly.

Daily Meditation

Start even if you don’t know how.

Wendy Tremayne

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