You’re Never Too Old to Learn or Change

Setting up a Context That Works for Big Learning Changes in Your Life

Surprisingly often, we feel guilty about changing our careers or learning something new. When we are in our twenties, we think, “I could have been a first-rate guitarist if I’d just started when I was a kid!” When we reach age sixty, we look wistfully back at the more open possibilities of our thirties. We forget that when we were in our thirties, our options often seemed equally limited and that even college freshmen look with envy on other students who began studying French, physics, or philosophy in high school.

The Fifth Trimester

Making the choice to return to work post-baby isn’t always easy—but it may be your best long-term decision. Here’s why, and how to make it work.

There’s the obvious three trimesters in pregnancy, plus the fourth-month post-birth when you’re in a bit of a haze. But what exactly is the “Fifth Trimester?” According to author Lauren Smith Brody, former Executive Editor at Glamour magazine, it’s the pivotal time in a mother’s life when she tackles the challenging question: Do I go back to work or stay home and raise the kids?

Prescriptive Pauses For Your Daily Routine

Harness the life-changing power of giving yourself a break.

Whether today is an epic list of to-dos, a routine you know by heart, or the unexpected, it’s always a good time to pause. I call a pause any intentional shift in behavior that allows you the space to experience a mental shift in attitude, thoughts, or emotions that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred.

Thai Summer Salad Rolls Recipe

from The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook

Eating well and feeling great aren't always two things that go together, especially for those who suffer from IBS, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, SIBO, and gluten sensitivity. But The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook by Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD provides a complete guide and cookbook for discovering your dietary triggers including FODMAPs (difficult-to-digest carbohydrates), and building a personalized and fulfilling diet around delicious foods that let you finally feel your best.

Floral Essences: Self-Healing with Flowers

Floral essences are infusions that can be ingested or used in an aromatherapy diffuser. They’re said to help align our inner and outer selves. According to some naturopaths, floral essences target the underlying emotional imbalances that cause physical discomfort.

Daily Meditation

Start even if you don’t know how.

Wendy Tremayne

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