Go to It! ‘Read’ While You Run

I have listened to a few fast-paced thriller novels that have made me want to keep running so I can find out what happens, as well as comedies and light reading that keeps me moving without taking my full concentration away from my run. Either way, audiobooks have been a great motivator to get me to go that extra mile so I can finish listening to a chapter.

5 Reasons to Drink Matcha

One cup of matcha has more antioxidants than a serving of goji berries, dark chocolate, pomegranate, wild blueberries, açai berries, and broccoli ... combined! It'll give you the same kick as a cup of coffee but without the jitters. It boosts your metabolism. It even helps prevent bad breath. It's time to whip yourself up a cup.

Daily Meditation

Start even if you don’t know how.

Wendy Tremayne