Suzanne Somers: Actor, Health Guru . . . Feminist?

In the wake of Weinstein, Somers’ sexy new book takes on a serious light.

Famed for her Bambi voice and too-short hemlines (with a body to rock ’em), Suzanne Somers doesn’t seem like an obvious poster child of female resistance, but hear me out. If you peel past the sexy veneer of her latest book, Two’s Company, something rather revolutionary lurks between the lines: Defiance.

Discovering Our Human Legacy in Jordan

Among the ruins of one of the world's UNESCO World Heritage sites lies inspiration to leave a different sort of footprint from our ancestors—one of peace and unity.

If you were to stand high up in the Wadi Musa mountains of Jordan and look out across the landscape ahead to Israel, you would see only more mountains and desert. But there, within the crevices of those mountain walls, lies a hidden city that was abandoned over 1,500 years ago and it was once […]

Thanksgiving Redux: Nontraditional Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Holiday

We made Korean Bo Ssam instead of turkey last year. Here’s how you can change up your holiday table too!

Sure, certain time-honored family traditions have been part of your Thanksgiving holiday for as long as you can remember—but who says you can’t add new ones, or even just tweak some existing ones? Something is freeing about mixing it up, if only for a year. Take my family’s Thanksgiving dinner last year. We still met […]

Audiobooks That Will Get You Motivated to Move

Here are 5 audiobooks that will help motivate you to exercise, even when the weather is trying to convince you otherwise.

Pushing yourself to go to the gym, go on a run, or exercise at home can be tough. A great way to motivate yourself is by listening to an audiobook. These enthralling stories will make the time fly by as you grind through your workout. You may even find yourself extending your fitness routine just […]

Recipe: Thumbprint Cookies

A seriously sublime, allergen-free cookie recipe for the holidays from New York Times bestselling cookbook author, Danielle Walker.

Thanksgiving is a joyous time of year, when we unite with friends and family (far and near) to celebrate our bonds and give thanks for each other and our blessings. But for so many of us with food allergies—be it to grains, gluten or dairy—the time-honored traditions that we grew up with, particularly around food, can […]

Daily Meditation

Start even if you don’t know how.

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