Popping the Social Media Bubble: Why Ceasing to Compare Yourself to Other People’s Profiles Will Ultimately Make You Happier

Most of us love sharing our lives on social media. We post a lovely photo, share a funny video, and watch the views, likes, and comments roll in. But let’s be totally honest with ourselves—it’s rare that we would ever choose to post something that is unflattering. When we go out, take a vacation, or celebrate an accomplishment, we share only the most photo opportunistic moments. Our online presence is the controlled, filtered, shiny version of everyday life.

Nourishing Meals: Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe

It can be daunting to live a whole foods lifestyle in today’s busy world and make meals that’ll get the whole family around the table. Popular blogger Ali Segersten and functional medicine expert Tom Malttere are a team devoted to teaching their children—and readers—the importance of living a whole foods lifestyle.

Excerpt: Healing Through Human Touch

In this excerpt, from Healing Principle 8, Dr. Mercola offers techniques that will make you intrinsically feel good. When your thoughts or emotions are swirling inside your head, the practices in this excerpt will help calm you, shift your focus away from your stressors, and provide powerful physiological benefits to boot.

Daily Meditation

Start even if you don’t know how.

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