A Beginners Guide to Reiki

Patients and practitioners reveal the benefits of Reiki, the ancient healing form of touch therapy.

Do you feel sick, tired, stressed out, or just plain off? Are you looking to shake up your self-care routine, or simply want to get in better touch with yourself? If so, you may want to consider booking a Reiki session.   Sign up to receive inspiring, expert advice on living your best life from […]

Kiss, Dance, and Play Your Way to a Better Sex Life

Learn 9 seduction techniques from the timeless guide to lovemaking.

When it comes to learning something new or getting better at something, we seek expert guidance. Curious about yoga? Take a class. Learning a new language? Download an app. Practicing meditation? Read a book. You get the idea. So why do we assume that we just somehow instinctively know how to seduce? The art of […]

Laughter: It’s Good for Your Health

You know laughing feels good, but did you know it benefits the body too?

The late television personality Milton Berle knew what he was saying when he uttered, “Laughter is an instant vacation.” Take yourself back to a time when you just couldn’t contain your laughter. The moment was so blissful and authentic that it could never be recreated. As great as that moment felt emotionally, it was also […]

Delicious, Edible Stocking Stuffers

These 5 delectable treats are fun to make—and will impress whomever is the lucky recipient.

Cookie baking is a tradition for many at the holidays—be it to share with neighbors, coworkers, Santa Claus, or to add an extra surprise to a stocking. But if you’re looking to make your holidays even a little sweeter, here are some other fabulous treats that make for great stocking stuffers from favorite chefs like […]

Foolproof Tips for Going Vegan

The process of becoming a vegan may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few low-lift tips to help get you started.

You probably already know that a plant-based diet is better for living a healthier, longer life (and helping the planet do the same). Vegans tend to treat the Earth better as a whole by paying more attention to where their food is sourced. But if you’ve adopted the belief that going vegan or vegetarian is just […]

Daily Meditation

Start even if you don’t know how.

Wendy Tremayne

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