Alcohol and the Gluten-Free Lifestyle

A Word on Alcohol and a Gluten-Free Diet As someone who freaked out when I was first diagnosed with celiac, I like to say that wine helped me through. While that’s partially true (you can take my dinner rolls, but you can never take my pinot!), the fact is that the alcohol change-up is not that big of a deal when you go gluten-free.…

Gratitude Journals Are a Chore. Try a Gratitude Jar!

"It's changed my life!" my friend told me, explaining how the simple act of writing down what she's grateful for had opened her eyes to all her blessings. She wrote in her gratitude journal before bed, recording everything that happened that filled her with gratitude that day.

Daily Meditation

Start even if you don’t know how.

Wendy Tremayne