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Quick, Easy, Delicious, and Healthy: Bite-Sized Superfood Snacks You Can Make at Home

Vegan, gluten- & dairy-free bliss bites from Kate Bradley's Kenkō Kitchen, plus a recipe for Almost-a-Snickers’ Bar!

When I first gave up refined sugar, I thought it’d be no problem. After all, I only had it in my coffee . . . Right? Wrong. Refined sugar was in practically everything I consumed, and my cravings for it were real. By the time I hit week two of my “sans saccharine” detox, the […]

The Highly Sensitive Person: Are You One, and If So, What Kind?

Why knowing what specific sensitivities you have can help you navigate your way through the world.

I tend to be a skeptic, which, on the surface, seems uncommon in the self-help and wellness realm, but skepticism should not be equated with close-mindedness. Being open-minded, I’ll try just about any approach to bettering my life, relationships, and health, but that approach has to prove itself. This means that while I may not […]

Demystifying the Differences Between the Female and Male Brains

How female and male brains develop differently and what that means for behavior.

Recently, I was with a dear friend and her three-year-old son, and we were discussing her little boy, who, though very sweet and well mannered, wasn’t attaching to me the way I wanted. “Well, boys never bond with me as much,” I said to my friend as I talked about the nearly instant bond I […]

Books That Brought Us Joy in 2017

A list of the 12 wellness books we loved this year.

Whether you prepare a list of New Year’s resolutions or not, most of us can’t resist a look back at our year with a few hopes for the new one, and with our favorite wellness books, we tend to do the same, especially when they educate us and help us improve our lives. Here are […]

Spirituality vs. Religion: Going Beyond the Surface

How accepting and respecting another's truth can help you discover your own.

We are living in a time of dichotomies and contention, so it may be no surprise that spirituality has become a hot-button issue. Spirituality and religion are often conflated, or at the very least equated, and they’ve both become about whose beliefs are “right” and whose are “wrong.” But as Deepak Chopra points out in […]

Books That Bring Us Joy: November 2017

Take a peek at our list of this month's must-read wellness books.

November can feel like a month of opposites. In the Northern Hemisphere, fall has fully kicked in, which means the plants and the earth are starting to go dormant, the nights are getting longer, and the temps are turning colder. It can all work to cause seasonal affective disorder to kick in for some. However, […]

Meditation Made Easier

Learn why observing your thoughts, instead of controlling them, leads to a more positive and natural meditation practice.

In a world of constant distractions from pocket-sized technology to the twenty-four-hour news cycle, it’s remarkable how meditation has begun to “trend” in a culture that never seems to slow down. But trends can become overwhelming, and meditation trends are no exception. You can download meditation apps, wear tech that helps you meditate and achieve certain […]

How to Get Along with Your Ex’s New Girlfriend for the Sake of Your Kids

Are you feeling like you're stuck in an episode of "The Ex-Files?" Here are 5 tips for dealing with the new woman in your ex's life.

Parenting can be incredibly hard. Parenting after a split can be even harder. Parenting when your kids’ father suddenly gets serious with another woman … well, that’s a situation that can easily diminish into chaos. Is it even possible to play nice with your ex’s new significant other or, at the very least, co-parent with […]

How Alcohol Affects Women & Why Cutting Back for the Holidays May Be a Good Idea

Here's to your health!

According to a recent study published by JAMA Psychiatry, alcohol consumption is on the rise, but so is the prevalence of Dry January followers and teetotalers participating in wellness trends such as the Whole30 diet. Women, in particular, have a complex relationship with alcohol, and the holidays can bring this to the fore. Below are some facts […]

Books that Bring Us Joy: October 2017

BBL's roundup of this month's must-read wellness books.

The month of October embodies many things: it’s the first full month of fall; it officially kicks off the holiday season; and, of course, it’s the time when we indulge in all things pumpkin spice. But did you know that October is also National Arts & Humanities Month (NAHM)? The term arts and humanities encompasses […]
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