Nicole Sprinkle

NICOLE SPRINKLE has spent her career in publishing. She's been a health editor at Parenting magazine and has written about health, parenting, food and travel for national magazines like Family Circle, All You, Fit Pregnancy, Natural Solutions, Brides, Bridal Guide and Time Out New York Kids. She has contributed to the New York Times' "Motherlode blog" and writes for the Huffington Post's Parentry blog. She is currently the Food + Drink Editor at Seattle Weekly.

Articles by Nicole Sprinkle

Calcium and Friends

You’ve probably noticed when perusing the vitamin aisles that calcium often comes packaged with a couple of other vitamins and minerals–typically vitamin D and magnesium. What’s the deal with that, and do you need them all?

Hygge: More Than Just a Blanket and a Warm Fire

Certain words don't translate perfectly from one language to another. It's part of what makes languages so intriguing. One word that you've probably been hearing quite a bit lately, hygge (most likely pronounced incorrectly, it's "hoo-gah"), is Danish for a hard-to-pinpoint sense of contentment and well-being that comes from slowing down and taking comfort and joy in small, purposeful moments.

The Mature Makeover

The Best Makeup and Skincare Tips—for Women 40 and Up!

Women of all ages love make-up but, as we get older and our skin becomes more mature, our regimen needs a bit of tweaking. Look your best by calling attention to certain features while subtly addressing any signs of aging.

The Secret Healthy Ingredient that Tastes Great

Add nutritional yeast to your diet.

Recently I had an amazing pasta dish at a restaurant in Seattle, which was a take on the Italian classic Cacio de Pepe (essentially pasta tossed with parmesan cheese and pepper). However, in this version, there was another subtle burst of umami, which I was told came from the addition of nutritional yeast. Not only did it taste amazing, but I later learned that nutritional yeast has health benefits to boot.

Do I Need a Naturopath?

What You Need to Know Before Finding a Good One

Alternative medicine often gets a bad rap—and while it’s true that it’s a field with far less research and clinical studies to back it up, primarily because there isn’t big pharmaceutical money behind it, even conventional doctors, hospitals, and organizations like the Mayo Clinic are recognizing the benefits that can come from complementary and nontraditional medicine. The Mayo Clinic even has an Integrative Medicine and Health department that works alongside traditional doctors, and a research arm that studies complementary and integrative medicine and performs clinical trials.

Family Photos: Tips for Capturing the Magic of the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, you’ll likely be snapping pictures faster than anyone can say “cheese.” But to really capture the moments that you’ll want to frame and keep forever—or to make that killer family card you send out every year—check out some of these “photo recipes” from Me Ra Koh, author of Your Family in Pictures: The Parents’ Guide to Photographing Holidays, Family Portraits, and Everyday Life.

Cozy Up to Fall and Winter Salads

Summer ends and simultaneously the word salad drops from our vocabulary. But it doesn’t have to, because fall and winter provide ample opportunities to enjoy seasonal salads, typically heartier, grain-based ones that also incorporate ingredients such as root veggies, dark greens, dried fruit, nuts, and richer cheeses. In fact, during this time of year, a salad can easily become a main dish.

Perimenopause: The Underdiagnosed Condition

Everyone knows about menopause; it’s the time in a woman’s life when her reproductive cycle ends, typically in one’s early fifties. But long before that—often in the forties and sometimes even as early as the mid- to late-thirties—approximately 3 million women will experience perimenopause or “around menopause.” When estrogen and progesterone levels begin to decrease, menstrual cycles may become irregular, and other less obvious symptoms can rear their head as well, such as disrupted sleep; fatigue; vaginal dryness; decrease in sex drive; mood swings and depression; difficulty concentrating; noticeably dry hair, nails, and skin; and a change in cholesterol levels. Some women may even experience hot flashes.
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