Life Is a Journey: Alberta, Canada Is Fuel For Your Senses

Travel isn’t only about the destination. It’s about absorbing experiences. The Canadian Rockies in Alberta will make you feel downright cellulosic. (In other words, you’ll become the ultimate adventure travel sponge.)

When I travel, I aim for the unordinary—an absolute removal from my everyday routine. I also seek locations that compete with the outermost reaches of my imagination. It is vital to see, touch, taste, hear, and inhale never encountered moments. New experiences enhance your perspective and shape humanity. Exploring the epic beauty of Alberta, Canada […]

Discovering Our Human Legacy in Jordan

Among the ruins of one of the world's UNESCO World Heritage sites lies inspiration to leave a different sort of footprint from our ancestors—one of peace and unity.

If you were to stand high up in the Wadi Musa mountains of Jordan and look out across the landscape ahead to Israel, you would see only more mountains and desert. But there, within the crevices of those mountain walls, lies a hidden city that was abandoned over 1,500 years ago and it was once […]

Life Is a Journey: Growing Up in Bookstores

Depending on who you talk to, independent book shops are either dying out or amid a renaissance. Whatever the case, they’re still my happy place.

Since I lived in a small rural town, there was just one bookstore, but I fondly remember visiting it. My dad would peruse the magazines while I hung out in the children’s section. But it wasn’t until I was 12 that I experienced my first real love affair with a bookstore.
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