Five Ways to Socialize Without Feeling Burned Out

Today I want to talk to you about social life. The media is full of advice on how social connections make us happier and healthier, and the media is right. But there are many different KINDS of social connection – and what works for introverts is very different from what works for extroverts. In fact, […]

Three Things You Promised Yourself You Would Do This Summer but Didn’t 

Every year at the approach of Memorial Day I pray for warm weather, pop open the rosé, and make the same three promises for summer that I do every year: to lose weight, to take that vacation I’ve always wanted to, and to be active on the weekends, making sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather! Every year August 1st creeps up on me, and I am struck with horror when I realize I have done nothing on my list, and Labor Day is only a few weeks away.

Change Your Morning, Change Your Life

I used to carve out 90 minutes every morning to do yoga and meditate. I loved it. It was amazing. It was also unsustainable. So I created a 15-minute morning routine that works. It’s so quick and easy,, I can do it every day. It’s all about creating just enough quiet space in my morning to set the tone for the rest of my day.

Extraordinary Ordinary Moments

Throughout the hustle and bustle every day, we must remember to slow down and take in our surroundings. Illustrator Jorey Hurley discovered how important this was to her when she started her blog after she had been laid off. Every night she drew something that she noticed earlier that day, which put her more in tune with herself and […]

In Memory of Bread: An Excerpt

Eating and cooking is such a big part of our daily lives and often plays a huge role in not only how we define ourselves but also as an important vehicle for us to live our best lives. Because of this, discovering you have a food allergy or restriction can be incredibly life altering. This […]

Go Ahead & Like It

"We're living in a surge of likeability. With the click of a button we like one another's lives. But what's really happening on the other end of the click? Do we know why we like the things that we like?" asks Jacqueline Suskin, author of Go Ahead & Like It.

Read the Premise of ‘The Surrender Experiment’

As we’d mentioned in last month’s giveaway of Books That Will Change Your Life, The Surrender Experiment tells the extraordinary story of what happened when, after a deep spiritual awakening, Michael A. Singer decided to let go of his personal preferences and simply let life call the shots. As Singer takes you on this great […]

Do You Have “Too Much” Self-Esteem?

The woman ahead of you on line is talking so loudly into her phone that everyone in the store can hear all about her mani-pedi and her yeast infection. Those teenagers at the panoramic overlook are blocking everyone's view and shattering the serenity by shouting into the canyon and snapping selfies.
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