16 Super Longevity Foods

All month long, we’ve been kind of obsessed with Rebecca Katz’s new cookbook, The Longevity Kitchen, which combines Katz’s 10-plus years of experience developing body-healing recipes with the results of over 500 studies about how foods affect the body. What we love about this friendly, informative cookbook is that you don’t need a new pantry full of exotic ingredients to make the recipes. In fact, you probably regularly eat many of her “Super Sixteen” foods already. These are foods that contain the highest levels of antioxidents and other life-boosting nutrients—and they’re all packed with flavor and color.

Dark chocolate
Green tea
Olive oil
Sweet potatoes
Wild salmon

If you’re not hungry yet, just watch this video Katz just made about the book. In it, she explains more about her approach to food (“It’s not about what you can’t have; it’s about what you can have”), some of the ingredients she loves, and shows off a plate of her Insanely Good Chocolate Brownies (OMG, those look good).

Ready to cook? Try Katz’s Layered Frittata with Leeks, Swiss Chard and Tomatoes recipe. Learn more at rebeccakatz.com.

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