3 Things Your Tongue Says About Your Health

Think of the tongue as a wellness map. It’s the quickest, easiest way to check in with your health.

Ayurvedic doctors spend years learning the complexities of tongue diagnosis, and we certainly can’t provide a substitute for that expertise. But we can share three quick things to look for every morning before you brush your teeth.

But before we do, we have to ask: are you using a tongue scraper? No? Then on your way home from work today, stop by your local drugstore and get one. It’s so worth it. Tongue scraping removes toxins, boosts your immunity, and improves your breath and your dental health.

Your Tongue: 3 Things to Look For

Pale, Pink, or Red?
A pale tongue can be an indication of anemia or other nutritional deficiency. If your tongue is pink (like a kitten’s), hooray! That usually indicates balanced health and diet. A red tongue (especially at the tip) can indicate issues with headaches and toxins.

Dry and Thin, or Wet and Swollen?
If your tongue is dry and thin, it may indicate issues with insomnia and overall nervousness. If your tongue is swollen and wet with scalloped edges, it may indicate that your digestive tract isn’t absorbing nutrients properly.

Smooth, Bumpy, or Cracked?
A smooth tongue (where the taste buds are barely visible) can indicate digestive imbalance. Raised red bumps on the tongue can indicate inflammation throughout the body. One long crack down the middle of your tongue may indicate nervous system imbalance. Cracks all over the tongue can indicate issues with anxiety and stress.



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There’s so much more to tongue diagnosis! Check out the books below for more on natural healing with Ayurveda.

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